Anything Good In The Northside People?


Mine Bean Ui Chribin.

“Well known and widely respected”.


Thanks Cathal O’Rourke

33 thoughts on “Anything Good In The Northside People?

  1. Alan

    Just because she held batshit crazy views doesn’t mean she wasn’t respected. It just means she was widely respected by the batshit crazy.

    Not going to invoke Godwin here, but you can see where the point could go to…

        1. Mani

          Ignorance of current events is no excuse in this day and age. So, no ta on the politeness front. This isn’t a search engine.

    1. Holden MaGroin

      She appears to have been a not very nice lady who besides running a post office. Oh also she was a far right anti-abortion campaigner.

    2. Sido

      @ Shaymo – Mena Bean Uí Chribin is believed to be involved on the fringes of the organisation(Coir). The name of this post mistress cropped up during the infamous Roscommon incest case. When it emerged that she lobbied social workers asking that the children in the case be left with their mother.

      1. frillykeane

        Oh she did more than just lobby
        Mean I Crubeen funded the parents legal costs when they sought injunctions stopping the social workers from removing the children

        1. Sido

          Have you got a decent source there Keano? All I can find are hints with little substance. And references to the Gards and a Mrs. B.

          1. frillykeane

            Nah. Just my memory. But she was photographed at the time the parents got their first injunction. So Irish Times / Indo photo archives, maybe even some Tabloids.

            Did ya find anything about the school in Ballymun being evicted?

  2. Oldmanfitz

    Of course he is outraged, his wife lost her job when it closed.
    (Have a look at the far right column)

    i wonder how she got that job…

  3. escobar

    they didn’t want the post office getting into anyone else’s hands becasue then all the children under the stairs might be be found.

  4. VictorRomeo

    f**k democracy! I’d be too….. well I would if I was reared in an autocratic world that did not bend its way of thinking to mine…. or me bat-$hit crazy Ma’s.

  5. Shockabilly

    There’s an RTE radio documentary (Documentary on One
    “Míne Bean Uí Chribín – My Granny”) about her that’s worth listening to. While she had very strongly held (and voiced) views that most would view as quite extremist (& quite objectionable to my own way of thinking incidentially), it’s worth listening to the the programme as it paints quite a different picture of the woman. – here’s part of the descriptions –

    she reportedly provided ” free grinds for those sitting state exams, providing a place at the table to anyone who called, particularly the homeless and children.

    Much of her work was for those she, supposedly had no time for: unmarried mothers and divorced people.

    Mostly, she brought her knowledge of the public service and legal process to help those faced with resistant officialdom. ”

    The programme makes it clear that her involment in the Roscommon incest case was not quite as it is being reported here and something she apparently greatly regretted.

    The world is more often shades of grey than black and white I find…thankfully.

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