15 thoughts on “At The Record Store

  1. Teaspoonasaurous

    I used to have one of those lockers…

    Those were the days. People coming in asking you what their son would like to listen to.


  2. Jynchy

    A sit-in in HMV….you literally have the greatest DVD and music collection to get you through. They could be in there for a while.

    1. Jim Computer

      When you say the ‘greatest’ DVD and music collection, you’re obviously referring to it’s size. Am I right?

  3. Peter

    I hope they get paid their money, but the staff in HMV Grafton Street were rude and not helpful. Their “Albums of the Week/Month” poster weren’t fooling anyone really. Once they got rid of their student rate, I stopped shopping there.

    Tower on Wicklow Street has a much more friendly staff, who are willing to help people, and willing to have some craic (figuratively speaking) with customers.

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