Believe In Whatnow?



Enda (with Sky CEO Jeremy Darroch) at the opening of the new Sky Irish HQ in Burlington Plaza, Burlington Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin, earlier.

Meanwhile, from the outside, It’s exactly like Karl’s den our place:

See what they did there?

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

20 thoughts on “Believe In Whatnow?

  1. Kath

    Glad to see its the (ceremonial position of) President being phototagged at openings and job announcements while the (down to brass tacks) Taoiseach weighs hard issues and comments on them.


  2. ffintii

    Enda seems to be doing all the “jobs” stuff these days instead of Bruton, heave-ho for Richard?

  3. 2395875

    There must be thousands of images of this man attending this ceremony and that ceremony,could you please put them all together,it could be amusing.

  4. cluster

    Enda, I beg you, skip a few of these ceremonies and do a bit of Taoiseach work.

    FInd out why there has been no reform of health or the public service or anything else and see what you can do to move it along,

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