Calm Down Calm Down



Slovakian justice minister. Sienna Miller Monika Jankovska among her fluttering fellow EU counterparts at the Informal Justice Affairs Council in Dublin Castle (part of the EU hoo ha) this afternoon.

Literally worse than teenage boys.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

22 thoughts on “Calm Down Calm Down

        1. Humans Eh!

          Chuck Norriss gives a wash cut and blow dry,

          With his fists!

          “Would sir like some brylcreem? a roundhouse kick to the face ?

  1. baa

    My brain began to chatter the title of the post in a liverpudlian accent. Which made me think of this:

    Its amazing what small things come to define the mind when an older age creeps in. I don’t even find the scouser sketch particularly funny.
    *nostalgic sigh*
    Amn’t I great.

  2. The Original Johnner

    Where is that guy’s hand? The baldy, lecherous looking guy. With the glasses. The one nearly in the middle. Jaysus, they all look the same. You know the one I mean. Yeah him.

  3. Ahjayzis

    We need a hot Taoiseach and Finance Minister if we’re to get ANYWHERE on the debt. I nominate those sexy political journalistas Vinnie B does surround himself with.

    1. Pretty fly for a white guy

      Dont forget the smoking hot county counselor with her drunken facebook antics! What was her name?


    More of your Slovak ladies to Ireland please/thanks…

    Isn’t Bulgaria/Romania opening up it’s floodgates at end of year, ah well sure tis were all de Europeans now

  5. Hada

    She looks like she’s wearing a cape and any minute now she’s going to throw it open and ‘ta da!’ she’ll be naked underneath, or a man or something

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