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  1. Dan

    I read recently about a website that was turning over €700,000 a year. Hope its contributors are seeing some of that.

        1. Jockstrap

          You know what. I’m deffo not commenting anymore.

          That’s it. I’m not contributing to someone else’s income on a site based on copying and pasting other people’s content.

          Of course you guys probably won’t publish this comment.

          So I’ll screen-grab it just in case.

          1. C Sharp

            You mean a business has the cheek to bring in revenue?
            How very dare they.

            “You know what. I’m deffo not commenting anymore.”

            See ya, but I don’t believe ya.

          2. Bronco

            But how will these comment threads survive without your daily brainfarts and miserablism Jocky? Say you’ll return secretly under a new username. Say you will…

        2. Domestos

          Karl Monaghan January 8, 2013
          No, no it’s not.

          1) Broadsheet didn’t run ads everyday last year
          2) Not all ads are paid for (e.g. the Nialler9 and Le Cool ads are house ads and the Pieta House campaign was done for free)
          3) Even when ads are paid for, they’re often restricted to just Irish visitors
          4) The CPM is nowhere near €14 or €12 – it’s a fraction of that

    1. Nucky Chorris

      Its a huge waste of tax payers money. They could have a least got someone who knows how to scale and crop images for €250k.

  2. Mikeyfex

    That’s pg 4 of the image gallery. The home page and others look like any other political or .org type website.

  3. seriously sam

    Seriously bad design. What did they do, take a free joomla theme and someone who thinks the only tag worth using is the name of the site?
    Not even having a very basic resize scaling on images? FFS!

    If a student gave that in as a web basics project I’d fail them.

    Country is a joke.

  4. Jockstrap

    The EU Presidency Website should be the same template re-skinned and new content uploaded every six months when a new country takes over.

    There is no value in having it re-designed and re-built every single time.

  5. Jay

    This problem is caused by incompatibility between whatever lightbox plugin they use and the FONT SIZE option on top menu. Click on the Default Size font and it will fix the Aspect Ratio.

    Still, fairly bad form for the price of the job.

    1. funman

      the div ‘header’ is running across the slides. Fine if they are patterns, but you cant do it with people.

  6. greypalm

    T4’s website looks cheap and tacky. Random gradients and colours, packet icons and big squeaky buttons.

    Why don’t they go to proper design studios for stuff like this?

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