Irish College, 1998


Hang on.

A bunch of lads from the local Coláiste get in on the act during an American Vogue shoot in the Aran Islands by Mario Testino, July, 1998.

Cá bhfuil siad anois?

Celtic Chic, Mario Testino

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Yesterday’s O’Vogue post gets the streetview treatment.

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30 thoughts on “Irish College, 1998

      1. FRY

        meant to the right of the girl. hes easy to spot. he looks like a 17th century miner who just found gold,


    Comment from the page Celtic Chic, Mario Testino

    reanimato: “i like this but everyone on these photos seem to have carrot face and orange hair. eh.”


  2. LJ

    Ah, the Gaeltacht in 1998, when the height of fashion was Kappa “rip offs” and Fila or Paco jumpers… and that was the girls! There were always red faces from all the leppin’ around avoiding having to find a dance partner at the céilís.

    1. l

      Rip-offs! Everyone had a pair! Everytime we went out for daily ‘cluichi’ there was just a load of kids running around trying to rip eachothers trousers off!

  3. Maro

    Ha! My first thought was ‘that girl’s a bit good looking (and mature looking) to be in a photo of Irish college’!

    1. LJ

      Back when being a 14 year old girl, the aim was to look as much like a boy as possible and wearing clothes big enough to fit a man! I think that things have changed somewhat.

      1. DaithiF

        Didn’t stop us. You could have worn a dress woven from Tayto bags and we still would have had a punt.

          1. MT

            i was thinking about this very trip to Irish College the other day, the lads all went through gallons of “Sun-In”,if it wasnt cropped youd everyone with the same orange hair

          1. SDaedalus

            No indeed. A terrible feeling of shame.

            I owned two Pacos. One of them came down to my knees. I used to wear it for special occasions. With trousers.

            I’m sure you have similar memories. ;-)

  4. MR

    Apparently, they tried to photobomb the shoot the day before. Testino, overcome with LOLs, asked them to come back and do an actual shoot the next day… Bunch o’ madsers.

    1. l

      Holy crap! Is this Colaiste O’ Direain?!, Summer of ’98… They had the photoshoot on the beach! I remember they came round to the Irish college looking for boys with red hair (because they looked really ‘Oirish’)! What a flashback! I remember they took a Dublin kid that everyone called Kipper! And to this day I haven’t a clue why they called him that!

      1. Original Kipper

        Sad but true fact from my nickname past..AFAIK I was the original “Kipper” christened with it in secondary school on the north-side of Dublin in 1990.
        A lad tried to come up with something different instead of the usual redhead nicknames, usually anything to do with the word red. So I was called red herring for a about a day and then changed to Kipper after that. By the time I got to 6th year a few of the younger lads had been dealt that nickname. Anyone calling the house phone looking for me used it and even the teachers called me by it which didnt impresses my Dad during the parent-teacher meetings.

        TL;DR= Redhair -> Red herring ->Kipper

  5. Eric T

    i went to school with three of the lads in that photo. no bullsh*t… this is very very weird. I was never aware of this…

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