3 thoughts on “The Number 77 To Aston Quay

  1. AliveOh

    Does that mean it’s back? I’ve missed the good old 77 since Dublin Bus “improved” the service and replaced it with the 27 which now goes from Tallaght, across the city, to the Malahide Road. The North side drivers don’t know the Tallaght route (and I presume vice versa) so you get some “interesting” diversions on your way home.

  2. Wayne.F

    Ah yes the old 77 were lads were thrown out the upstairs window & chasing the dragon was standard. A golden age if transport

  3. Lord Lucan

    Must keep an eye out for it on the Sky TV Guide. Gabriel Byrne was in an excellent miniseries Secret State a few months ago on Channel 4 so it bodes well that he’s involved in it. It’s also great to see Dublin’s fine Georgian architecture getting a portrayal.

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