18 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In The Sally Gap, Co Wicklow

  1. sniffer

    What made them think it’d be a good idea to go up there? Mountain rescue have enough to be doing with this…

  2. martco

    laughing my ass off here…what’s that…3 inches maybe?

    BMW X5 (Dalkey Tractor) out of its normal habitat I see…mummy should stick to the school run in future or trade it in for a proper 4×4 like a G Wagen or Landy….still even in 3in hard to see how you’d lose an X5 tho they are shite off road (imo)

    agree with all above, if you’re gonna go, go prepared

    Chains? possibly but they’re bit overkill for this country unless you live in the hills but whatever you do don’t ever waste your hard earned on those snow socks, less than useless…for near the same money much better off going to a certain very good German tyre site that ships to Ireland and ordering up a set of Winter tyres…different grade of rubber in them, they react differently to cold conditions than standard rubber does (what they call Summer tyres) go soft/pliable and give excellent grip…big myth that u can’t use them all year round or that they wear quicker…those days long gone

    Tyre socks = Scam

    1. Sopwith

      Good advice. In the big freeze/snow of late 2010, early 2011 our Landy (Order of Malta) was the biz on patient transport duty for the HSE. Grip and driving were phenomenal. Went on our off-road tuition day and the instructors had a row over who would tutor us as they all loved the Landy. Accept no substitutes. The Nissan and Toyota are great in sand and rough dry ground but useless in snow and ice, designed for Africa.

  3. sinabhfuil

    4×4 is probably some long-suffering local’s, called out to help the incautious snow-revellers.

  4. Mister Mister

    Idiots. How many times have people been warned not to go up there. Mountain Rescue had 5 call outs up there because of retarded motorists.

    1. Mister Mister

      Eh, damn predictive text. No idea what colour they were, although probably getting close to purple after a while stranded.

    1. martco

      a Defender or a G Wagen is what u need with proper tyres…heard the oul Patrol not the worst either

        1. funman

          You’re thinking of the current ‘gangsta-rapper’ versions – the originals were to german army spec, had lockable diffs on each axle as standard.

  5. paddy de plastered

    Tools. Some orseholes who assume a 4×4 is a ticket through any terrain. People volunteer for mountain rescue to help fellow mountaineers/hikers/climbers in distress, not tools in Dalkey tractors. This grinds my gears greatly.

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