41 thoughts on “Not For The Faint Of Heart

  1. Atticus

    Disturbing for the baytin’ yer man gets at the end as much as the initial assassination attempt.

      1. Domestos

        I’d take that beating (from the same lads) for 200 quid. My price for the assassination would be somewhat higher, but I’d probably do some practice with me shooter beforehand.

      1. funman

        Almost all automatic handguns have a safety, except those specifically designed for military use. Obviously revolvers and shot guns don’t need them.

    1. funman

      +1 Respect to the man. Must have some military experience. Most people stand like a rabbi in the headlamps when they get a gun in their mush.

  2. Dom

    I love the one second of awkwardness when the gun doesn’t work and there both standing looking at each other.

  3. Kevnmur

    I like the way the video high-lighted the assassination attempt with the little circle, I had missed it initially.

  4. The Original Johnner

    Imagine if that was Senator Ronan Mullen! But I don’t think I’d use my umbrella on him.

      1. Rumpleforeskin

        I’d make sure my gun worked and I’d leave a spurting, viscous mess where his was if it was Ronan.

  5. Hector Ramirez

    Hilarious, 1 fella gets rightly stuck in standing over him punching… Then when it all dies down after the kicking another steps up with what appears to be, an extendable baton?

    That’s at least (including original assasination attempt) 4 times the ‘protection’ failed to provide any…ehm…protection…

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