You May Turn Over Your Papers…


Q1. Using the above formula, calculate the cost of a single portion of cod (a) without pizza, and (b) with an additional three sausages.

Spotted in Rathgar.

(Thanks Ronan Faherty)

9 thoughts on “You May Turn Over Your Papers…

  1. Stoolio Iglesias

    I think I get it; multiply the cod by the pizza, carry the chips, then something to do with the sausages. Is the answer pizza? What do I win?

  2. Domestos

    Kinda like the missus trying to tell a story. Anyway, I’ll take the “€10-only €4.00” offer.

  3. dsdsdsd

    I think the dashes are meant to be column dividers?

    Pizza & chips 10 euro

    Saus & chips 4 euro

    Cod and chips 5 euro

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