Won’t Someone Please Think Of The Kidneys?


Siobhan at Rabble.ie writes:

One of our scouts found these rather strange flyers circulating at the Vigil4Life event on Saturday. The one (above) is accusing a Lebanese man of harvesting embryo balls (NB testicle transplants don’t work let alone ones from a foetus to an adult male) and the above handout  refers to kidneys.
The anti-choicers must have some new technologies the rest of us don’t. I’m first in the line for a nice clean pair of kidneys and a liver please.
Just to prove this is part of the mainstream anti-choice lingo, this is a screen grab from the Life Zone website:


39 thoughts on “Won’t Someone Please Think Of The Kidneys?

  1. Fashionaphile

    These people are pulling misinformation and lies out of their hoop! Would you please stay in your church praying, we’ll take care of the real world, thanks

    1. Pro Science,Pro reason and pro fact

      I have gone through the pages above and can’t find anything that is not factual, checked with scientific journals and everything mentioned does happen, is well documented for different reasons in journal of neuro/endocrinology or whatever specialty the journal is concerned with.

      1. Jackie Treehorn

        What planet are you living on? There is no evidence anywhere for the above “factual” cases. They are medically impossible scenarios. Furthermore, the “evidence” you provided in your links has no actual fully developed organs transplanted, let alone an underdeveloped fetal organ

  2. Nessy

    Whatever next.. A man wanted to become a dolphin so the spine of a foetus was used to make a fin… Shit South Park was right

    1. Pro Science,Pro reason and pro fact

      I don’t think that is as outlandish these days with science, only problem is inter species. An embryo could be used to grow pretty much anything, hence Geoege Bush banning funding on research for it on religous grounds. I don’t think religion should come into science research

  3. funman

    If you ever had difficulty in understanding the craziness of fundamental Islamists, these guys are their christian counterparts. Dangerous people, make no mistake.

  4. edalicious

    This is the definition of a Poe. I can’t tell if it’s somebody having a bit of a laugh at the expense of the anti-choicers or if somebody genuinely believes this.

        1. Pro Science,Pro reason and pro fact

          all in that post is possible, and being done in animals and humans, see above science links. so nothing inaccurate about their site on that section.

          1. J

            everything in that section of their site and probably in most sections of their sites, is taken out of context or twisted to suit their agenda or a downright lie.
            they seem to have taken down the part on the testicles, i’m pretty sure that was in that section yesterday.
            can’t find any links to any of their referenced documents, expect for in other similar anti-choice propaganda pages.
            take the case of Professor Lee Myung Bok, please send me a link to a scanned copy of this article, anything even that could be proof.
            As abortion has been illegal in south korea since the fifties, how he shipped out 12,000 fetuses to the United States, paid the doctors in whiskey, stocking and chewing gum and then got written consent from the mothers is beyond me.
            Surely he at least must owe some tax on his illegal operations ;-)
            “pro science, pro reason, pro fact”
            more like PRO BULLSHIT

          2. pro sceince, and try not to billshit,pull me up with science if you think i do

            This is a question nobody agree on, thomas aquinas said it is 40 days at quickening that the soul enters. I don’t have an an answer as I am not arrogant enough to say when life begins, but as scientist I think it would be reasonable top say that if a living organism can feel pain then it is well on the way to being the same as the rest of us. You are wrong about the 20 week, in the USA for example before 2003 and since there have been partial birth abortions in third trimester. I honestly don’t bring any religious views to this debate and feel that if one has an view either way it should be based on science fact and not some opinion garnered from a pro either side soundbite. I don’t work for or know the administrators or writers of the site J so I you could ask me a straight question that can be answered by science either way I will do my best to get evidence to back up my answer. I know these articles are difficult to get unless you work in academia or heakthcare and have a subscription but you could try yourself on wiley.com bmj.com http://www.medicine.ox.ac.uk/bandolier/painres/download/whatis/ebm.pdf merk.com https://www.physoc.org/.

      1. AmeliaBedelia

        Well, if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth, or so goes the oft-misattributed ‘big lie’ Goebbel quote (one should lie big and stick to it).

  5. AmeliaBedelia

    Really confused with the language in the second piece. A ‘six-month old aborted baby’ – don’t they mean foetus? I should add nine months to my age then so. And anyway, abortion after 20 weeks is not really a procedure that is carried out in any jurisdiction where abortion is legal. Only 1 per cent of all abortions carried out in England and Wales were at this later stage, and in most countries termination is illegal after 16 weeks.

    Abortion is very limited in Lebanon, and according to the UN, only in situations where this is ‘the only means of saving a pregnant woman whose life is placed in great danger’. I can’t find any reputable source for the Lebanese claim online – one website (circleofprayer.com, which I won’t link to, run by a woman based in Claregalway) rehashes the ‘story’ and another, famguardian.org claims that it originates with a June 1972 Reuters report. But it’s clear that facts don’t mean anything when you have specious arguments to disseminate.

    1. Jimbo

      I’m really confused as well. Is it a foetus up to a few minutes before it exits the birth canal then?

      1. AmeliaBedelia

        Your confusion is the result of density Jimbo. I suggest you think carefully before you press the post comment button again.

    1. pro sceince, and try not to billshit,pull me up with science if you think i do

      If you are talking to me, I can read and have spent 20 years in college studying bio sciences and working in healthcare so I should be able to give a coherent answer if you ask me a coherent question

  6. Matthew

    I give it about twelve hours before this page disappears down the memory hole like their dollar-denominated donation form.

  7. Clampers Outside!

    So, all laws should be made or not based on a possible abuse of said law by some… a few… a minority of individuals..


    All tax exemptions on all faith based organisations shall be removed due to potential of it’s abuse. Let’s start in Achill.

  8. Noel

    I’m really starting to worry that any chance of informed debate is slipping out of our hands as more sensational counterpoints pop up on the issue of choice.

    We badly need to set out some rules for this debate, citation and references for a start, before this escalates out of control and a decision is made based on the last piece of hyperbole presented to the public.

    People can’t craft an informed opinion, if their sources are muddied with misinformation and bollocks, so I’ll throw in two links for websites I find really informative.



  9. pro sceince, and try not to billshit,pull me up with science if you think i do

    I also don’t think it’s fair or accurate to call it pro or anti choice, it is factually pro or anti abortion. this is a question for Irish society as a whole and not just the individual. We are all entitled to a reasoned debate and say on this important issue. I honestly don’t want to slag wither side off, just want informed debate and all sides to increase their knowledge on this critical issue. I am as entitled to my opinion if I can argue my point as you are to yours, it’s democracy and the majority view will prevail at the end of the day, whatever that turns out to be. I am anti abortion myself except in cases of rape and where there is NO chance of survival of the fetus, but in no other circumstances, not for religious reasons but scientific and medical only. I don’t care what the Jewish,Catholic,Church of ireland,Muslim, hindu etc view is, I am only interested in evidence.

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