Kate’s Honour


Kate Fitzgerald will be honoured by Democrats Abroad Ireland at its Presidential inauguration ball in the Gresham Hotel, Dublin this evening.

California-born Kate headed the organisation during Obama’s first victory in 2008.

Kate’s parents, Tom and Sally, will collect the award.

Dennis Desmond, chair of Democrats Abroad Ireland, writes:

While we celebrate the re-election of President Barack Obama, we will also celebrate the life of one of our own here in Ireland. Kate brought our relatively small group to unforeseen heights and her media expertise landed us on the front pages of Ireland’s biggest newspapers and on all the major radio and TV outlets.  We lost Kate tragically in 2011 at the age of 25.


The inquest into Kate’s death has been scheduled for February 27.

Kate Fitzgerald on Broadsheet

33 thoughts on “Kate’s Honour

  1. AMDG

    Perhaps the money that will be spent on the inquest would be better spent on a suicide awareness campaign?

    1. DaithiG

      Or maybe we could spend money on both.

      If she was bullied and if there was a cover up, wouldn’t you want to know??

      1. AMDG

        Yes. Magical unlimited money. Maybe people should just stop celebrating suicide and stand up to bullys themselves.

        1. Majd

          Hey AMDG – why don’t you grow a pair and stop posting inflammatory and cruel comments about suicide online? The irony of preaching about ‘standing up to bullies’ when you troll anonymously is apparently lost on you…

    2. Stewart Curry

      AMDG – Ad maiorem Dei gloriam or ad majorem Dei gloriam, also rendered as the abbreviation AMDG, is the Latin motto of the Society of Jesus, a religious order within the auspices of the Catholic Church. The motto is translated into English as “For the greater glory of God”.

      …am I reading WAY too much into this?

        1. AMDG

          Not christian. My personal views sometimes overlap with those of some religious institutions but these occasions is born purely out of coincidence, rather than design.

          1. ABM's Bloodied Underwear.

            Right so. Glad you cleared that up with your not at all suspiciously worded reply.

        1. Procrasto

          Celebrating suicide? Delusional perspective. This country needs rapid attention to suicide prevention and we need funding to have it

      1. Procrasto

        must be trolling. better put is suicide is the mist desperate of acts, desperation in the eye of he/she who commits it. have some respect

    1. The Vajazzler

      It would seem all the pro choice posts have attracted the ire of some of the nutbags that swim in opposing circles. Awful smell of religious right in the comments over here lately.
      That and people are dicks.

      1. ABM's Bloodied Underwear.

        There was a routine question that used to be asked in a music magazine’s interviews. It went along the lines of “If you could pick up a briefcase containing a million dollars and keep it, although doing so meant a stranger to you on the other side of the world would die as a consequence of your actions, would you do so?”

        I reckon there’s be a lot of rich BS posters if they had the same choice before them.

        I rarely read more than a few comments down anymore.
        The site has gone the same way as politics.ie

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