Meanwhile, In Australia


Jl writes:

Football match between two local teams in South Yarra, Melbourne. Yes, that is Sinn Féin written on their jersey. And yes, that is the tricolor replacing the Union Jack of the Australian flag.

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    1. CelticCurtains

      WHAT AN AMAZING JERSEY, Maybe they could mke one for broadsheet and stick abortion bigotry on the back….The flag could also be changed for a picture of a tiny baby being crushed by a steel forceps :-I

      1. Phil T. Rich

        There seems to be very little sympathy for a guy who’s just had a nasty looking pole vaulting accident, and skewered himself in the neck…

  1. Klarticus

    Until it becomes compulsory to be identified as a twat by the state this type of voluntary self labelling is quite helpful.

      1. Klarticus

        As luck would have it I’ve just received a letter from a ” P O’Neill ” telling me I have 3 days to leave the country
        ill let you know how I feel then

      1. Paddy

        Would it Tommy? To you maybe. I’ve lived in Melbourne and Sinn Fein are one of many GAA teams; Wolfe Tones, Garryowen, Shamrocks, Pearses, St. Kevin’s, Dan Breens. The club has nothing to do with the political party, it’s just a name and the flag is a just crude Ireland/Australia mashup. Get over yourself.

          1. Beanie

            Exactly Paddy. Tommy, you might find it hard to understand, but to people in Melbourne it’s just a GAA team, not a political statement.

          2. booyah

            I think it tells us that many Irish folk that are presently based in Australia are keen to continue playing sports from home that they love.

          3. Paddy

            They’re named along the same lines as are GAA clubs in Ireland. So you’re basically saying GAA = IRA?

      1. True Kilcockian

        Why do you find it objectionable?
        Australia is a nothing country founded on genocide and due for conquest by India or China within fifty years.

      2. Ayr

        Plenty of Australians use an alternative flag with the Union Jack removed and the colours replaced with green and gold because of their sports teams. Another poster explained that the club’s name is Sinn Féin. Save the moral outrage for something worth getting upset about.

        1. postmanpat

          dont you mean green ,white and orange? or are you one of those people who refuse to accept orange on the Republic of Ireland flag and call it “gold”.?

          1. Ayr

            Jesus wept! The Irish flag is green, white and orange. The flag that AUSTRALIANS use sometimes, particularly at sporting events, removes the Union Jack and replaces the navy background with green and the stars with gold seeing as their sporting colours are green and gold.

        2. Ya must be jokin

          GAA player, Sinn Feiner, idiot, bigot, …. whatever you want to call him. There is no excuse to alter a nations flag, even if other teams do it. Wear your own flag, their flag, or none at all. We have a bad enough reputation around the world, especially in Aus, without this type of crap, trying to be excused purely on the bases that others are also doing it….. yes, other Irish and other embarrassments to the state. Call the team what you like, but I suspect if somone altered our flag many would think they are simply scumbags.

          1. Ayr

            Almost every corporation in Ireland puts their logo on the Irish flag. Have a walk around any town on Arthur’s Day and see the Guinness logo superimposed on a a tricolour or better yet go to Lansdowne Road when Ireland are playing and see all the people who write their hometown or local club on the front of the tricolour. You might pop up next time there is a match and call them all scumbags.

          1. Guest

            “B Bop” is Errr…
            Sinn Féin on the other hand is a democratic party or an Australian gaa team.
            Neither popular in some parts of the southside.

          2. B Bop

            South side IS The Promised Land!
            Jelizz much?
            And indeed Bogball teams & dubious political terrorist parties are not Popular Peters over here.
            Thank you for clarifying.
            Have a great day.

  2. James M. Chimney

    “Don’t miss ‘Roy of the Provo’s’ in this weeks Shoot magazine. ON sale in all good newsagents now!”

  3. postmanpat

    we should have a competition! draw a funny face on the back of his head and upload them here. Id do one now only im in work (and suppossed to be working). “as you can see stress is building up here, here and here……”

  4. Chickenhead

    Doesn’t the union flag in the Australian flag represent the fact that many of the white settlers in the 18th-19th century came from the UK? Are these GAA chaps not doing something similar?

    And wasn’t the Irish tricolour a rip-off of the French design in the first place?

  5. Maria

    1. Sinn Fein G.A.C. was founded in 1953 by a group of men and women who were forced to emmigrate due to poverty/famine etc. Some were fortunate to bring their families with them and some never saw theirs again. These people have a huge connection with Ireland. They are very proud of their heritage and have helped the countless emigrants that followed them with a roof of their heads, advice, jobs, friendship and a game of gaa, something that was very important to them. Many of these people are still involved with the club today.
    2. The flag logo on the jersey is a representation of the strong connection between Ireland and Australia – which, to those who have experienced that connection, is something to be very proud of.
    I have been personally involved with the club for years, with both new and founding members. It is a fantastic club and I am proud of all its members and our achievements.
    I have no political allegiance to any party, here or in Ireland.
    I am an Irish and an Australian Citizen

    1. Dara

      Fair play to you!
      I don’t like the bile this photo produced but hearing about the sport and culture of Sinn Féin G.A.C was great.

  6. Dec

    The flag is to do with Irish people playing for an Irish team in Austarlia and the alliance they have. The reference of the flag is being misinterpreted by people because it says sinn feinn on the jersey. The translation of Sinn Fein in English is “ourselves alone” it doesn’t have any reference to the irish political party.

  7. Irish Mike

    Agree with Maria and like her have been involved in the club for many years although not so much recently. The name of the club is irrelevant and it has been called that since 1953 and has no political connections or connotations. It literally means “ourselves alone”.

    The flag is to signify the strong connection between the Irish and the Aussies and trust me on this the Aussies do love the Irish and have no problems whatsoever with the connection of the 2 flags and cultures. The Irish are entwined in the history of Australia and we continue to embrace the Aussie culture.

    I am also a dual citizen and have played Aussie Rules and Gaelic here in Melbourne for the past 10 years. I encourage you all to live here for a while and then lecture to us about the use of the Irish and Australian flags together, until such time please keep your uneducated drivel to yourselves.

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