It seems that old Dan Healy Rae,
Needs media attention each day,
He thinks that the hicks,
Should drink drive in the shticks,
While the Gardaí look the other way.

John Moynes

12 thoughts on “A Limerhic A Day

      1. Paul2

        Thie term hick is used here to refer to anyone who lives in rural Kerry, not just Healy Rae voters, it’s offensive to me and the thiusands of other Kerry natives who find the permit idea to be ridiculous. Lets get a bit of perspective here. This was a publicity stunt. A radio Kerry poll is currently 71 % against the permit idea.

  1. The Other Fella

    I wish the editor of the Huffington Post who wrote that headline would learn to read and get the facts right.

  2. Dublinentendre

    No surprise given beer is a depressant. They should start opening Red Bull pubs pronto, that’d get the depressed locals pep back.

  3. James

    I really have to object to your use of the word ‘hicks’. It is offensive and old-fashioned. That goes for ‘boggers’, ‘muckers’ and any other slur.

    To my mind it shows a lack of developed thinking in the way we communicate and relate to one another as Irish people.

    It is lazy and frankly tiresome at this stage. The reflection on those of you who persist in using these terms is a poor one indeed. Perhaps you might consider it is time to grow up and learn to leave the realm of the dullards.

    1. Lan

      As a person who would very easily be referred to as a bogger or hick due to where I live/where I work, I have no objection to this, people from Kerry or any other place who think it’s acceptable to drink and drive are “hicks” so in this instance

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