Droidus McMoidus writes:

Noticed on Twitter this morning that the [Iona] ant-gay marriage video had been taken down. It now seems that the Iona institute account has been suspended…


Never mind.

We’ll always have this.

Previously: is The Iona Catholic?

UPDATE: It’s back.

60 thoughts on “Aw-ona

          1. Nigel

            I believe it’s actually illegal. Hence all the Catholics bringing charges of discrimination against Google, blocking up the labour courts for years.

          2. Mr Powers

            Does the catholic church allow gay people to say mass? Does it allow women to say mass? Are you going to tell me that the catholic church is inclusive for all? Discrimination in the workplace prohibited under legislation, what about discrimination from the catholic church? I wish you would get rid of that warm fuzzy feeling that you believe is the result of a god and open your eyes and question what was force fed to you as a child.

          3. Ellie

            No. Stop it now. I’m making a new rule. You lot aren’t allowed to so much as mention discrimination against Catholics in the workplace while Section 37(1) is still f**king everybody else over an your behalf.

            Shut your gob now and go bleat your outrage over some other post where nobody wants to hear your opinion.

      1. woesinger

        See below – the Iona Institute aren’t Catholic, by their own admission.

        Unless – and the thought *horrifies* me – you’re accusing them of being less than honest in the representation of their true motives?

      2. Arbs

        Tut, tut ABM, what have I told you about commenting on things that don’t concern you? Work, of whatever guise, is not something you’ll have to worry about either now or in the future. I’ll wager you’re neither in employment nor employable but good news! this gives you all the time in the world to devote to your trolling your causes celebres and other *ahem* internet activities! Happy trolling febrile one!

        1. ABM

          Hello Arbs!

          You’re the one who follows me around this site like a lap-dog. If it was real life, I’d be eligible for a restraining order against you.

          I have a nice job and a defined benefit pension plan. We look after our own around here. Thanks for your concern though. And well done for stigmatising the unemployed by using someone’s employment status as a stick to beat them with. Yes, that’s right — we’ve been down this road before, Arbs. Remember how you have been quick to stigmatise the mentally ill and those of homosexual inclination? Now it’s the unemployed. What will it be next? The Jews? (you’ve already had a go at the Catholics).

          The Liberal Internet Corps (who you no doubt are a fully paid up member of) are proud of the work you’re doing. Do keep it up.

          1. Arbs

            Guffaw ABM! Your self-delusion knows no bounds. Given the amount of time you can devote to trolling, responding within seconds if there is a post relating to your “causes celebres” and coupled with the base manner in which you express yourself, smacking of nothing more then educational under-achievement, it is an insult to the most vivid of one’s day dreaming faculties to imagine that you are actually doing something productive with your life. Do you honestly expect us to believe this!

            Suggesting also, given your rather detailed and vivid obsession and description of gay sex – always anally fixated to a hilarious if febrile degree, say a lot more about your own issues and confusion, is hardly mocking of gay people. And in terms of mocking and deriding people ABM, you are unparalleled.

            Also, advising you to seek help, given your own rather serious issues and frothing hatred, is hardly mocking those with mental health difficulties. Life may not be kind to you, it may be borne out of disadvantage and isolation but it need not be the case. ABM, you are a wretched sod and I doubt many would see the manner in which express yourself as both healthy and normal. Seek help, poor sod. Do stay up too late online tonight!

          2. Arbs

            You have “a nice job and pension plan”.ABM, forgive me but the proposition is so ludicrous (unless you are perhaps the Iona Institute or the Youth Attack PR person), that I have to thank you for the mirth. You are the troll who keeps on giving!

          3. ABM

            FYI Arbs — no affiliation to either YD or Iona. One wonders what other incorrect assumptions you are making in your little rants.

          4. Arbs

            Awwh, diddums! I do enjoy your own rants ABM, especially when you give me gems like “I have a nice (in italics no less) job AND a pension plan”. You appear not to like the taste of your own medicine. Let me wish you well in your isolated activities tonight. Nighty to my low-born troll!

    1. Leela2011

      Was just thinking there, repeatedly blocking comments and likes/disklikes etc could be against terms, as well as people reporting them

  1. Kieran

    I hope it’s for this;

    YouTube is not for pornography or sexually explicit content. If this describes your video, even if it’s a video of yourself, don’t post it on YouTube. Also, be advised that we work closely with law enforcement and we report child exploitation. Please read our Safety Centre and stay safe on YouTube.

    or this

    There is zero tolerance of predatory behaviour, stalking, threats, harassment, invading privacy or the revealing of other members’ personal information. Anyone caught doing these things may be permanently banned from YouTube.

      1. cousinjack

        yes all their founders and officials just happen to be fully paid up dogma before conscience catholics, just a coincidence

        1. woesinger

          Indeed! And some of them didn’t even believe in god for a while. So whatever it is, it’s not an anti-Catholic conspiracy.

  2. karlypants

    ‘We encourage free speech and defend everyone’s right to express unpopular points of view. But we don’t permit hate speech (speech which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity).’

    1. ABM

      “hate speech” lol.

      Google aren’t so keen to block these kinds of anti-catholic videos:


      Sergey Brin, a Jew, doesn’t tolerate anti-semitism on his sites, yet anti-catholicism is par for the course. Of course Jews and Catholics have had quite a troubled history — trouble that is kept alive today.

      1. Arbs

        ABM, I take it back! In terms of educational achievement, I see it now. You have a Ph.D. in Hate Speech! I should have known. Might I hazard a guess that you are doing a post-doc in Proctology – you are more than amply qualified.

        1. ABM

          I’ll admit it, I had to look up “proctology”. Thankfully I, unlike you, don’t have any trouble in that department. How’s your proctologist doing these days? I’d say you get all excited when he gets out his colonoscope. You should tell your boyfriend to dress up as a doctor for you — shitting blood might keep you off the internet for a couple of hours.

          1. Arbs

            Sweetie, more slus to be censored?! Oh, is this another of your anal fantasies? For a supposedly “straight-guy” you have a lot of them. You know a lot! Boy, do I rile you up ABM: this is more gold which I’ll will enjoy re-quoting back at you. Funny though, how I’ve never disclosed neither my sex nor sexuality. You are the dregs of humanity and a rather thick one at that. Your sexual confusion is rather obvious my dear fellow.

          2. ABM

            So, err… If you like men you’re gay. If you don’t like men you’re gay. Phucked either way I suppose!

          3. Arbs

            Poor ABM! If only one could take you out of your isolation and social deprivation to help you. It isn’t really that normal or healthy to obsess with sexual matters in the way you do. Do you have parents? Do you think they would see your behaviour as that of a mentally healthy and happy individual? Are they perhaps responsible? ABM, you certainly have some sort of emotional or psychological difficultly – perhaps as a result of defective and poor parenting -You may have been dragged -up. ABM, you are ironically well and truly one screwed up sod. I have no doubt that your sexuality is far from secure and possibly may reveal some sort of deviancy: it is certainly a source of crazed fantasy for you . Let’s see what others make of the above, shall we. I am not going to mock you ABM, you are one messed-up creature that I can only proffer pity.

      2. True Kilcockian

        Jews and Catholics have had quite a troubled history!
        Seals and Polar bears have had quite a troubled history.
        Cruise liners and Icebergs have had quite a troubled history.

    1. Sido

      I don’t get it the Irish times describe Iona as ” a conservative Christian think-tank”. Is there something I’m missing here?

  3. Arbs

    Given the viewing statistics of the Iona video, what now are Americans and men and women between the ages of 54-65 going to watch now? What is David Quinn going to spend his dollar donations on now?

    1. ABM

      Sanity has been restored somewhere in Google’s offices.

      I hope whoever took this far-left ideological position, in the process tarnishing Google’s reputation, will be reprimanded.

      1. woesinger

        Yes – it must be a far-left ideological decision, and not a simple procedural error.

        When all you’ve got is a cross to bear, everything looks like a nail.

      2. Arbs

        Are you taking a break from your “nice job with a pension plan” to comment ABM? Bless – back to “work” now. Snigger…

          1. Arbs

            Awwh, sweetie, no doubt you’ll be “slaving away” later online with your internet *activities*, such is the way of a low-born troll such as your good self. Still, when you’re spent you have all the time in the world to (try) and sleep. Regards ABM: it must be cosy there in the underbelly of society! Stay away from mirrors – snortle! “A nice job and pension plan” – it’s too much – you are killing me with the humour ABM! I’m glad you can poke fun at yourself!

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