It lifts and separates.

Nether garments from Glasnevin-based girdle-maker ‘Ballet’, in The Sunday World, 1977.

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32 thoughts on “Bra Here

    1. Not Gerry Adams

      Maybe the poor girl is perfectly happy with her weight and appearance and you should stop judging people.


      1. SDaedalus

        Knock shop or knocking shop, unless situate in Knock itself in which case you get a bottle of holy water and three Our Fathers free with each purchase.

        1. missred

          As I separately told both a relative and a friend that I was going to Knockanstockan festival, both cut across me and say “You’re going to Knock??”

          It would have been rather a lifestyle change, shall we say

      1. frillykeane

        Say I love You
        Cross your heart n’hope t’die
        There’s so many simple reasons n here’s the reason why

        …. Tina

  1. jamie

    Its kinda pathetic the way some folk feel the need always to comment on females body weight, why is it any of your business what weight the girl is, attractiveness is subjective, so why don’t all you sexist donkeys get a life, oh and maybe eat some humble pie instead of a sandwich

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