Do You Still Have Your Bike?


Fancy a bit of a ride out?

Aileen Parsons writes:

This a is new initiative called Cycle Against Suicide. A 1,400km 14 day Cycle Against Suicide. Travelling all around Ireland. Starting in Dublin on the 22nd of April. Take part in one or more legs (approx 100km each). Cost is €40 for jersey and insurance regardless of how many sections you do.


Cycle Against Suicide

46 thoughts on “Do You Still Have Your Bike?

        1. Can't find me bike

          Yeah ridiculous eh? They should defo go to France too and I hear Norway gets pretty dark, I’d say their depressed need help. Why stop there? They should cycle alongside the trans-Siberian railway to the Far East. On a separae note, I also think Goal and Trocaire should start operating in Northern Ireland.

          1. Can't find me bike

            I know why they’re stopping at the border. Just liked the taxman, the road sign makers and the secondary school Irish teachers, they’re lazy.

    1. Rob

      That was the first thing I noticed aswell. Bizzarely partitionist-looking route. Just go through the North, it’s not like you have to get permission. The same problem exists there, too.

    2. cling film and the elastic band

      ffs. The Irish are never happy, maybe this is why the initiative is needed….

          1. DaithiG

            How do you know he wept?
            If he was around at all it was over 2000 years ago, and who knows, he might have suffered from Familial Dysautonomia.

      1. Continuity Jay-Z

        Policing issues. They might have to pay for the PSNI whereas the Gardai might give thier time for nathin’.

    3. Nucky Chorris

      Surely it would spread more awareness if it passed through Derry, Coleraine, Ballymena, Belfast, Newry….

      1. Ayr

        They have a funny definition of ‘Ireland’, although anything that raises awareness of suicide is to be welcomed.

    1. Murtles

      Your going from Donegal into Leitrim so it’s a time shift thing (that and the fact that there hasn’t been a Thursday in the Leitrim week since that priest banished them in 1956 – and they do just fine without it).

  1. bob

    This is nonsense.. lets all go on a big cycle! it doesn’t change or help anyone with anxiety or depression!
    Can someone explain what this actually does for people with mental health problems? this is coming from someone with severe anxiety and depression, because nothing like this has ever helped me!

      1. bob

        I am aware of what I have, and have been for quite some time now!! It’s not enjoyable!… Other people been aware does not get to the root of my problems, or a lot of other peoples problems with serious mental health issues! :/

    1. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

      Bob, exercise is essential when dealing with anxiety and depression. I used to get so bad that I wouldn’t leave home for weeks on end then one day I went for a walk, then a run, then no more medication. It helps.

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