Ideal For The School Run


Bolt action locking system, sirens, smoke screen.

Excuse me?

This is a grade 6 armour plated car that was commissioned by the UN from the Macneillie and son to drive [UN Secretary General] Ban ki Moon, it was also used by De Beers  diamond merchants for transport and the Sultan of brunei is another past passenger.

This car has a 2.9 Cosworth engine, run flat tires, bolt action locking system, sirens, smoke screen, and is perfect for people who deal in cash business (publican, bookie). This is a very discrete car, drives well, you will not find a safer car than this in Ireland (€12,500).

 Armour Plated Bulletproof Ford Scorpio (Done Deal)

14 thoughts on “Ideal For The School Run

  1. martco

    they forgot to mention in the advert that it also does a healthy 40 gallons to the mile :)

    seriously tho, maybe 6-10mpg tops

  2. Liam Knuj

    I used to have one of those – I remember making my first deal for weapons-grade uranium in the back. Good times.

  3. funman

    Since this:
    ‘The Pilot Sport PS2 ZP (Zero Pressure) is Michelin’s Max Performance Summer run-flat tire developed for selected performance sedans and sports cars’

    I humbly stand corrected…

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