70 thoughts on “This Should End Well

  1. Rod

    Adam is right all the same… Dublin Bus drivers are the worst speeding culprits in the city centre especially on Baggot Street and Pearse St, and give cyclists no space whatsoever.

    1. True Kilcockian

      Cyclists should get out of the way or go under the wheels.

      Fifty tax paying citizens on their way to work should not have to proceed at the pace of a saddle sniffing Lance Pharmstrong wannabe grunting his way up the Chapelizod bypass!

        1. cousinjack

          ok, but the cycling feckers could use the cycle lane on the stillorgan dualler and not slow 40 actual tax paying citizens +10 OAPs clogging up the rush hour buses for no discernible reason

          1. havin a giraffe

            Have you ever tried cycling on those cycle lanes? Most are just old, neglected footpaths with patches of useless red tarmac here and there. Full of potholes, going through bus stops, over kerbs, past driveways… so yeah, I’ll be choosing the road now and again thanks.

          2. Rod

            if there’s a cycle lane allocated then yes they should be using that, though many of the cycle lanes are in very bad state of repair they are dangerous, the N2 being a prime example of that also

        1. True Kilcockian

          It’s a vicious cycle.
          But serously they are BUS lanes not BUS and cycle lanes.

          Get the BUS ya freaks? The Greens lost!

      1. Rod

        * correction – “50 inept lard arses”

        If you want to go fast get a bike or run and do yourself, your environment and your bank account a favour.

      2. Paidi

        Cyclists are incredibly irksome, no harm to have one or two clipped by bus drivers every now and again.

      3. timbot

        I guess your reliance on the Bus means you have never had to learn the Rules of the Road. A cycle lane is for cyclists; a bus lane is for buses; a shared lane is for both and in those cases the cyclist should pull in and allow the bus to pass where it is safe.
        A cyclist should never be in a bus lane only nor should a bus be in a bicycle lane only.
        In a shared lane the cyclist is not under any obligation to stop the bike and haul it up on to the footpath to allow the bus pass.
        I hope that clears it up for you.

        1. True Kilcockian

          So the driver gets the foot down and we let evolution take over!
          Cyclists v buses is like sharks v Chinese people!

          1. Rod

            yeah burn out your oil and natural resources as fast as possible, that’s real evolutionary thinking you got there… sigh

      4. cluster

        As occasional user of bus/Luas and cyclist, I can confirm that Dublin Bus drivers are very often gratuitously dangerous towards cyclists.

        It doesn’t cost these taxpayers of yours anything if the bus driver uses his indicators nor if he looks in his mirrors before pulling in or out. Probably the contrary.

        1. The Old Boy

          I must say that I’ve always found buses to be far from the worst when it comes to driving near bicycles. Taxis and young girls are the worst in my experience, the former through pig-headedness and the latter through lack of experience.

        1. Nigel

          Yes. Giving official sanction to driving over the limit? Are you kidding? The first time some fool drives into a ditch or, God forbid, hits someone the sh*t will hit the fan so hard you’ll think the painters have been in.

        2. Raskolnikov

          How would you qualify for a permit I wonder? I have visions of a load of old fellas being given a feed of booze and then taking a “drunk-test”, driving around a disused industrial estate.
          In theory nice idea, in practice horrendous consequences.

        1. Bejayziz

          Surely a local council doesn’t have the power to change the law as they see fit without approval from Dublin?

          1. cluster

            Nope, the only thing this resolution will do is bring global attention to the ridiculousness of our local government.

      1. Pigeon Street

        If we’re not careful we’ll start to garner a reputation as been a nation of alcoholics…oh wait…

    1. timbot

      I totally agree that drink driving is not OK and I don’t think this is the solution. But bear in mind that suicide rates amongst lone dwelling farmers are very high in isolated parts of the country and for many the pub is the main social centre. I’m not saying that this is right I’m just saying that the motivation for allowing the individuals to drive may not just have been to sell a few more pints of an evening.

      1. Nigel

        It strikes me as deeply cynical. There’s no way this is workable or acceptable. If it highlights rural isolation and loneliness, good. But its very unworkability is suggestive of a grandstanding vote-garnering exercise.

  2. Lazer specced Bogman

    In the past I’d have agreed with the tweeters sentiments but Dublin Bus have got their act together with regards customer service these days IMO.
    I was experiencing trouble with a faulty travel card last week and the drivers of the 25A, 79, 67X & 69 let me on every morning/ evening without any qualms. When I contacted head office about the problem they sent me out a replacement one the next day with very few questions asked.
    I’ve found that there are dozens of nice drivers for every asshole type you come across. That said a few of them do speed but I guess I would too if I had to drive to some of the places/ carry some of the sorts they have to ;)

  3. John

    Dublin Bus are right though. It’s not a great idea to use bad language aimed at a twitter account of a public transport company.

    I knew a Vickery once and he was a cock.

    1. Donal

      The one time I had occassion to tweet dublinbus looking for reasons as to why there were no buses I was ignored. The account was active, tweeted a number of times prior to and after my tweet. Nothing but PR muck, divulges anything positive, ignores the negative. I was tempted to send abuse after standing in the cold for half an hour, can completely understand

  4. linda

    I saw about 4 near misses on my way home from work last night..two cyclists nearly getting creamed and a few pedestrians because of cars running red lights…people need to COP ON and open their eyes on the roads! It’s not a matter of cyclists vs drivers. IDIOTS use all manner of transport!!

    1. Popeye

      Hear hear! Stupid cyclists & rude drivers give the rest of us (cyclists) a bad name. Half the week I cycle to work and I drive the other days (because of logistics and the nature of my job, it’s not always practical to cycle.) I once pulled in to let a bus go ahead of me in a shared lane & to be fair to him, he waited & was prepared to let me go first.
      I have just as many stories of my friends & girlfriend (who is an excellent cyclist in terms of obeying the rules of the road) being intimidated, bullied and damn near killed on the roads by inconsiderate/bad drivers.
      Idiots do indeed use every form of transport.

      1. linda

        Yep, I nearly got knocked off my bike by a beatch in a merc in Ranelagh before Christmas. I’ve been a nervous wreck on the bike ever since! the bike lanes along the canal are great though..much safer than being out in the traffic. You really do need to have your wits about you on a bike especially in Dublin!

        1. Bony Emm

          What about the hundreds of cyclists that break red lights every day?

          I walk 6 miles a day, to and from work, and the amount of cyclists who break through red lights and pedestrian green men is jaw dropping. I see pedestrians struck and knocked down by cyclists on an almost daily basis.

          The cycling lobby has campaigned long and hard to be put on an equal footing to motorists, it’s a pity they wouldn’t adhere to the rules of the road as well.

          1. Popeye

            I agree. But these red-light-ignoring cyclists (& I see them a lot too) are an appropriate example of exactly the type of idiot cyclist I’m talking about. It frustrates me just as much when I’m on my bike, to see them speed past me when I’m stopped at a red light, because they’ve decided it doesn’t apply to them. But just as all bus drivers aren’t inconsiderate a**holes, neither are all cyclists.

          2. Rod

            there’s a big difference in damage potential when it comes to breaking a light on a bicycle and breaking one in a car and hitting a pedestrian, though of course they shouldnt break the law. In my opinion they should however be allowed to give way at traffic lights to encourage more motorists to leave their cars at home.

  5. cousinjack

    Bus drivers are a varied crowd, as any group, but Dublin Bus as a corporate person is clearly a wanker

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