Vorsprung Durch Scalextric


The making of Slot Mods‘ (US manufacturer of ‘museum quality’ 1:32 replica model cars) insanely detailed Audi Quattro Experience slot track, featuring 3D printed Audi A4’s with cameras mounted inside, footage from which is sent to the iPad used to control the car.


18 thoughts on “Vorsprung Durch Scalextric

        1. Pedanto

          “Stick your Tetra-Disc Align-o-Trope up your hole! I want Connect Four. Connect Four, do you hear me? Connect Four!”

          *storms out of Smyths sobbing*

  1. Ger Healy

    @clampersoutside………clamp your mouth. You’re a moron with a huge chip on your shoulder. You obviously lack the cerebral capacity to actually see the amazing skills and creativity of the guys in the video.
    Broadsheet is polluted with idiots like this who have the IQ of a goat and manners to match.
    I’m actually sick of Broadsheet and way it tolerates these people.

    1. Jockstrap

      Ger Healy.

      These guys are skilled craftsmen. They’re not amazing. The idea isn’t new or original. It’s a promotional film for Audi. It seems to have worked on you.

      Save ‘amazing’ for things that really are.

      Broadsheet is polluted with the general public, good and bad, smart and stupid.

      1. Clampers Outside!


        Funny thing is I enjoyed the video :) The whole ‘Audi’ advert thing kinda ruined it for me. That’s why I said ‘crap’. But I didn’t think I had to explain that until now. Ah well….. :/

      2. Bronco

        ‘Populated’ by the general public, Jockstrap.

        “Polluted’ by a minority of trolls, negativists, begrudgers and bores with nothing good or clever or funny to say about anything.

        Like dogturds on the otherwise perfectly pleasant pavement of this site.


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