21 thoughts on “Was It For This?

  1. ididnotgetthat

    Ireland is actually a place in the UK, I’ve been! It’s a tiny village, which – what a surprise – consists solely of a pub, the Black Horse, which does a very good Sunday roast (God, I have become so anglicised)


    1. cluster

      How does referring to a good Sunday roast make you Anglicised? You have become do Anglicised that you can’t tell the signs any more!

      1. ididnotgetthat

        Gah! Irish identity FAIL.

        (I think I just associate going to the pub for a Sunday roast as an English thing to do…I will claim leniency on the basis of Yorkshire puddings)

  2. Bob

    Just shows how much notice the rest of the world pays our squabbles. And I suppose part of Ireland is in the UK.

  3. Dazzy

    You’re being asked for a “City, State or ZIP code” not a country.

    If the Broadsheet is too stupid to know this, or knows it and figures it’ll be good for the pageviews, you should really cop on.

    The TOWN of Ireland is in Bedfordshire (ZIP/Post Code is SG17 5QL) that’s what the above result is for.

    1. orieldude

      Exactly, 10 seconds on Google Maps to check if you’ve never heard of it. Type ‘Louth’ in and you’ll get ‘Louth, United Kingdom’ (it’s in Lincolnshire) first on the list. Then maybe send it to Gerry Adams TD for Louth and see if the bearded cnut makes a fool of himself.

  4. octo

    Change that app. This morning it told you it was -7 degrees in Dublin. Also rubbish. Go to m.met.ie or m.yr.no.

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