We’ve Bean Had


Centra’s January coffee deal.

Damn you, too-good-to-be-true offer.

*shakes fist*

*searches for clean cup*

Centra’s Misleading Coffee Promotion Upsets Customers (Peter, CheapEats.ie)

Thanks Sue

13 thoughts on “We’ve Bean Had

  1. Ace Rothstein

    Centra coffee (well the stuff Ive been getting in an unnameable Cork branch) is rank. Yer better off with the aul Maxwell House.

          1. Father Filth

            I’m guessing they’ll suggest you get your own dedicated server, that will be the ‘solution’.

          2. jean

            Oh dear. Do you have any tips for good hosting that can cope with traffic? I’d really appreciate it, it would come in handy for a few different things.

  2. Jay

    Up now. Not all shops were doing the promo. Thats the beef. Some people had to fork out a few Euros instead of a cent as they didnt check if promo was running before getting a coffee, goodness gracious.

    1. John

      “as they didnt check if promo was running”

      Like they would check that after seeing ads for 1c coffee at Centra. I suppose they should have had a handy pocket size guide to the terms and conditions and an Excel file listing participating franchisees.

      Too many CentraSpars.

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