A Lotta Lance


Denis in Dublin writes::

I realise that not everyone may share my OCD or level of interest in the Lance Armstrong story, but just for the heck of it I’ve typed out the full transcript of his appearance on Oprah last week and tossed in a few live tweets to colour things up. Maybe some of your readers would be interested…?

He typed out the full transcript.

One way to get your arms strong.



Full Transcript: Lance Armstrong On Oprah (TheArmchairSpectator)


9 thoughts on “A Lotta Lance

  1. Pob

    Didn’t the BBC website already have the full transcript on their site?

    (Fair play though, I guess).

    1. munkifisht

      Wheely bad. Why did you saddle us with this stuff you’re trying to peddle. It’s not going to crossbar-riers. Feel sorry you spoke? You’re breaking my heart, pus are just tyred jokes.

      *Gives a finger and speeds off on my BMX*

  2. Betty

    Ah, good on him. This reminds me of the beginnings of the internets, when transcripts of tv shows and movies were all the rage and Napster was a glint in a young boys eye.

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