A Message To Democrats


(Tom Fitzgerald (top) and (below) from left: Sean Hillen, of Democrats Abroad Ireland, Sally and Tom Fitzgerald and Dennis Desmond, chairperson of Democrats Abroad Ireland at the Gresham Hotel, Dublin)

“Kate has been dead now for 17 months and we still have no reliable Garda report on how she died.
I ask you as members of Democrats Abroad to contact anyone who might be able to influence our search for justice and closure in the case of Kate’s death.  We do not wish to pervert justice, we only seek a timely and proper investigation into the cause of her death.  Write to Minister for Justice Allen Shatter, Minister for Foreign Affairs, The Taoiseach, Enda Kenny and anyone else who might be able to exert influence.  Write to your congressman in the US, to your Senator and to the media in both Ireland and the USA.  The fundamental beliefs of the Democratic party call for truth and justice and we seek no less for Kate Fitzgerald who did so much for the Democrats Abroad.”

Tom Fitzgerald to members of the Democrats Abroad Ireland at its Inauguration ball where Kate Fitzgerald was posthumously honoured for her work with the group

Kate’s parents, Tom and Sally, are awaiting the publication of report from the Garda Ombudsman into matters arising from the initial investigation into their daughter’s death. They say they expect the report to be published before Kate’s inquest begins on February 27.

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