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(Tom Fitzgerald (top) and (below) from left: Sean Hillen, of Democrats Abroad Ireland, Sally and Tom Fitzgerald and Dennis Desmond, chairperson of Democrats Abroad Ireland at the Gresham Hotel, Dublin)

“Kate has been dead now for 17 months and we still have no reliable Garda report on how she died.
I ask you as members of Democrats Abroad to contact anyone who might be able to influence our search for justice and closure in the case of Kate’s death.  We do not wish to pervert justice, we only seek a timely and proper investigation into the cause of her death.  Write to Minister for Justice Allen Shatter, Minister for Foreign Affairs, The Taoiseach, Enda Kenny and anyone else who might be able to exert influence.  Write to your congressman in the US, to your Senator and to the media in both Ireland and the USA.  The fundamental beliefs of the Democratic party call for truth and justice and we seek no less for Kate Fitzgerald who did so much for the Democrats Abroad.”

Tom Fitzgerald to members of the Democrats Abroad Ireland at its Inauguration ball where Kate Fitzgerald was posthumously honoured for her work with the group

Kate’s parents, Tom and Sally, are awaiting the publication of report from the Garda Ombudsman into matters arising from the initial investigation into their daughter’s death. They say they expect the report to be published before Kate’s inquest begins on February 27.

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Kate Fitzgerald on Broadsheet

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27 thoughts on “A Message To Democrats

  1. Clampers Outside!

    It appears there is a constant “search for justice and closure” in this country on numerous cases. Or so, I do feel. I wish all concerned in Katie’s loss a speedy conclusion to all of this which has been prolonged so much.

  2. Concerned

    As well as using snail mail I’m wondering could a handy developer out there with some free time be able to knock up an online form that we can email into these ministers / media folk

    As Kate was born in the US, can we get 100,000 signatures to a petition on the white house website to bring attention to this case

    1. Prada Meinhof

      Why 100K signatures objecting to Drone killings, US Foreign, Gitmo being opened, extrajudicial assasination, renewal Patriot Act? Y’know the Democratic party’s president policies…

      How about BS go along to the inquest and tweet live to those of use who can’t be there in person? Seems reasonable given the role BS has played in this story. DOn’t leave it to the commenters on the Journal.ie to stay classy, please.

    2. Susan

      I can knock up a form no problem and probably you don’t even need a dev, there’s probably some free tool out there that will do it for you – but one needs to be careful with these mass mailings – I was told once that one particular campaign broke the Oireachtais mail server. Of course the servers are, as the Kildare Street crowd will confirm, Lotus Notes, so that’s hardly surprising /off topic.

  3. totalledge


    So now we want government ministers to interfere with the work of the Garda Ombudsman?

    Or do we want ministers to get involved in coroners inquests now?

    How many times have Broadsheet taken the piss out of government ministers for sticking their noses into places they shouldn’t be?

    While I have huge sympathy for her family, I’m just confused as to what they actually want here? They’re not happy with Garda conduct; there’s a GSOC investigation going on. They don’t think it was suicide; that’s what an inquest is there for.

    What more do they expect Alan Shatter or whoever else to do?

    1. Clampers Outside!

      “So now we want government ministers to interfere with the work of the Garda Ombudsman?”

      Don’t know how you picked that up from this BS post. The quote was from the young lady’s father, not BS, and is clearly in italics to suggest so.

      It’s more than one would get from the Indo.

  4. realPolithicks

    I have seen a few items on BS regarding this case, but I have to admit that I don’t really know what the issues are. Could somebody give a brief synopsis of the case so I have a better understanding of what happened. Thanks.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      If you click the highlighted tag ‘Kate Fitzgerald’ under the story above you will be able to follow the story from pretty much the start.

      Give yourself some time for reading it all.

      1. realPolithicks

        Thanks, Clampers. I saw that link…that’s why I was hoping for a “brief” synopsis. Just me being lazy!

  5. Huzzar

    I gather the Fitzgerald parents suspect their daughter was murdered ‘or suicided’ and feel the gardai didn’t explore that option. If that were so, would the inquest verdict reflect it – ie, would there be sufficient evidence to determine with any accuracy what happened, given the initial gardai conclusion of ‘no foul play’? (Google the case of Siobhan McLaughlin whose husband Brian Kearney tried to make it look as if she had hanged herself.)

  6. Alexandre Dumas

    I’m not going to go over tired ground, but needless to say the specific issues which Tom Fitzgerald highlighted before as “being inconsistent with a self-infuced death”, have been proven to be flawed. In t he past, he cited a particular way that a bone snapped, suggesting this was incongruous with suicide, but subsequent medical reports showed ~30% of cases result in this incident happening in a suicide.

    I don’t mean to do the man down, and I know it’s tough to lose a child and he has been through a terrible, terrible thing, but it makes it all the tougher still to not be able to confront what happened: what her parents are doing now has crossed the line from a well-intentioned campaign to paranoia and self-delusion about suicide, and is being fanned on by Broadsheet. Sometimes young, seemingly successful, people do commit suicide. Posts like this, and Broadsheet’s seeming obsession on the issue do two things (i) they fuel his misguidedness about her death without letting him sort through this in private and (ii) they serve to further the Irish problem of shoving suicide under the rug and saying that “it can’t happen to people like her”, which he has basically said in recent months – indeed, he answers his own point here: “Although she had been recently fighting bouts of depression, this was a young woman who, since she was a tiny girl, always, always wanted to be well presented. She was always conscious of how she looked. It wasn’t possible that she would end her life in a way that was gruesome and unsightly”.

    The Garda investigation, I have no doubt, will conclude it was a death by suicide, and when that happens, what needs to be focussed on from that point forward is how we can stop this happening in the future, not more conspiracy theory-soaked nonsense.

    1. Clanbrassil_Street_Screamer


      What exactly does Tom Fitzgerald think happens? She was bumped off by the Clanbrassil Street Al Qaida? Harty Place Hamas? Daniel Street Star of David Mossad? Was it a political motive? A crime?

      Honestly, watching the performance of Mr and Mrs Fitzgerald on the Late Late Show one can only conclude there is a good deal of baggage that they need to reflect on rather than blaming the Gardai and rumour mongering and denial peddling in the Sindo and Broadsheet.

      It was suicide and the inquest willl return the usual “Open Verdict”. Only poor people get the “Misadvendure” verdict.

      As for Democrats in Ireland, clearly they have moved on to higher priorities and concerns.


      How embarrassing they stopped to the mob in the first place.

      1. Roland Pantless

        Hey Clanny Screamer,

        I’m not sure what your point is. Are you saying all murders are committed by terrorists? In reality (where I live) the majority of single murders throughout the world (which includes Ireland by the way) are committed by close associates of the victim. I don’t recall Kate’s father mentioning any “conspiracy theories”, partaking in “rumour mongering” or “denial peddling” for that matter. You make a pretty confident and adamant statement that Kate committed suicide. I am sure the family would appreciate it if you brought forth your evidence to back up your statement. By the way, have you reflected on your baggage lately?

      2. Martini Bird

        So…Clanbrassil St. Screamer, you certainly do live up to your name. All this screaming, and for what? Might you have a little stake in this game?

        Mr. Fitzgerald seems like a rational, reasonable man. Obviously, the Gardai did a pretty good job of botching the investigation into his daughter’s death. And the cheap shot about “baggage” and the family
        of a dead girl…Seems just a tad over reactive, don’t you think?

        Most people found the family to be dignified and candid during their Late Late Show appearance. Do you happen to know a little bit more than most about this situation? Intriguing reference, wasn’t it, “Harty Place Hamas.” Just how many people would have that kind of information at their fingertips? I had to do a little searching myself to find that particular reference. It’s Kate Fitzgerald’s address.

        The Fitzgeralds have never spoken about a conspiracy to kill their daughter. Yet it is clear that certain parties are trying very hard to paint them as a bunch of nuts in denial. Think about this: Most
        murders have nothing whatsoever to do with shady conspiracies. Most victims are killed by someone they know. I find your entire comment to be so full of hatred and anger that I can’t help but wonder what
        your motive is……so to speak. Try to remember: This family just might have a little information they are not making public…yet…

    2. Buzz

      How exactly does he answer his own point here? Overall I agree with your summation. The psychologist Alice Millar is a great source of information on the power of denial. Her book, The Drama of the Gifted Child, lays it all out.

    3. Sammy

      Dumas, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. First, are you a forensic pathologist? Where did you get your information regarding a certain broken bone that “subsequent medical reports showed 30% of cases result in this incident happening in suicide”? The internet? Hmmm. I am currently a medical student studying forensics and have conducted extensive research, including personal conversations with quite a few reputable pathologists, about this very subject. The information I gathered differs a lot from yours in that it shows credible scientific proof that evidence of a broken hyoid bone in death by strangulation (manual or hanging) indicates homicide in 98% of all cases. So, before you so eloquently pronounced that Mr. Fitzgerald’s issues “have proven to be flawed” you probably should have considered that perhaps it is your research methods and your personal ideas, beliefs and assumptions that are seriously FLAWED. Furthermore, why would you embarrass yourself by making such an an insipid public statement that you “have no doubt the Gardai investigation will conclude death by suicide” in this case? Have you ever considered that perhaps the “professionals” in charge of this investigation may have made major mistakes that prompted a premature conclusion as to the cause of Kate Fitzgerald’s death? But you wouldn’t know anything about premature conclusions now would you?

      1. Huzzar

        Thanks for that Sammy. Tom Fitzgerald comes across as an intelligent father searching for the truth about his daughter’s death, rather than a delusional fool refusing to contemplate the possibility it may have been suicide. He can only be admired for his determination to find out what really happened.

  7. SDaedalus


    I think the quote you give above, after the words “he answers his own point here” is one which originally appeared in the Sunday Independent. As did the story regarding Kate’s parents’ concerns as to the manner of her death, to which you take objection.

    As someone who has followed the Kate story on Broadsheet from the beginning, it is interesting to be kept up to date with what is happening on it, and also possibly necessary that Broadsheet detail developments, if only so that its previous posts can be seen in full context.

    I can’t speak for other readers but it is possible they may feel the same way.

  8. Prada Meinhof

    Was there any mention of the Cycle against Suicide event at the Democrats event? Any garnering of support for focussing on society-wide tragedies that unfold weekly in this country?

    Or do they not count?

    1. totalledge

      Were they young, blonde and in the media? No? Sorry, they don’t count.

      BS, and one contributor in particular, clearly have a personal motive for constanly posting these innuendos and half-accusations, I’d be very interested to know what that motive is.

      1. Chompsky

        Thanks, totaledge. We will explain exactly and in as much detail as we can why we have covered this story so intently. If you have any questions we will answer them here.

        1. totalledge

          Erm, well that’s me told anyway! Not having a go at you, just I have been following the story and I just can’t see what it is about the story that elevates it above the hundreds of other suicides that happen every year in Ireland – apart from the fact that Kate was a bit of a media figure and wrote a piece on her suicidal feelings and previous suicide attempt for the Times.

          And, more importantly I suppose, if Broadsheet or anyone else has any information that would contradict the suicide verdict, then it should be given to the GSOC.

          I have tremendous sympathy for the family of anyone who takes their own life, but I’m just not sure what the Fitzgeralds want to achieve that a Garda investigation, GSOC investigation and inquest will not.

  9. Susan

    To those saying that Broadsheet.ie is attempting to rehash a story which is of no public interest, I would like to point out that the statcounter on my own humble blog has had Kate Fitzgerald’s name recur again and again throughout the year, including during periods when the case was not covered.

    I know I can speak for myself that I have experienced great personal alarm at the behaviour of media organs and the company in question – particularly when it comes to shutting down the discussion on mental health in the workplace. And I was by no means the only one – on the Irish Times facebook, and other organs, outrage was expressed by many. Since no changes have been made since then, the only difference between then and now is time, and “ignore it and it will go away” is really not cutting ice here any more. There are too many questions that need proper answering.

    Also, I do not wish to respond to the comments above attempting to discount the treatment afforded to Kate Fitzgerald’s memory and her life. This is because I believe they have been posted because some may have reason to be rather nervous if this discussion continues, and is treated seriously. Also because I’ve got a bit of a headache, but that’s beside the point.

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