Apologies for sporadic postage this hour.

We are literally bidding farewell right NOW to Molly (above), the sharply-clawed foster cat who has destroyed lived in Karl’s den Broadsheet HQ since just before Christmas, owing to a flu outbreak at the DSPCA.

The handover is imminent. Normal service will resume shortly. Mmmf, etc.

22 thoughts on “Cat News

  1. Sarah

    She is the most adorable cat in the world and is now available for adoption in the DSPCA. I hope one of the Broadsheet readers will be able to give her a home….

  2. Aoife

    She’s gorgeous! Well done on fostering. We didn’t qualify for fostering with them because we’re at work during the day :(

      1. Aoife

        Oh no! Obviously Molly went to work with one of them or one works from home! Unfortunately our house is empty from 8am to 6pm so no cats for us!

  3. Just sayin'

    I always knew the Broadsheet lads were cat people. Cat posts outnumber dog posts by at least 5:1.

  4. Vinnie "The Chin"

    Having to say goodbye to ours as well on Monday. Our poor little tabby needs her leg amputated when she goes back and really needs a good home afterwards

  5. C.D.

    There goes any hope of finding out where the Tayto chocolate bars went.

    She has the appearance of a Freedom of Information Cat. Not a dobber, just a conscientious humanitarian feline.

    Is she subtly trying to point to the Tayto chocolate acquiring culprit?

    We’ll never know. Sad face.

  6. missred

    Aww, I’d take Molly! But I work during the day too :(

    Perhaps I will ask about getting an office cat

  7. nerdvana_girl

    Ha – as I read this, my cat is also sitting in my le Box of Cool!! According to Cat, best part of the le Box of Cool – le Box!

    PS Is Molly related to Existential Cat?

  8. Rosiepouche

    Cats are completely happy in their own company since when can you not have one if you work ??

    1. Maro

      +1. Cats are quite into their ‘me time’. The reason they ‘greet’ their owners enthusiastically when their owners come back home is because they figure they’ll get fed soon :)

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