20 thoughts on “Man Versus Métro

  1. Funk

    It had everything. Thrills, spills, a camera taped to a motorcycle helmet.

    All it was missing was a football in the groin.

  2. Cark

    If you did that on the Luas you could get off at Four Courts, walk to Busaras and you’d still be left waiting 7 minutes for the same Luas to arrive.

  3. cyclecrunk

    if you did this between Clontarf and Connolly on the dart you could have stopped for a pint and still beat the thing.

  4. Jay

    Nice one. utterly pointless of course but eh, a Gopro isnt cheap, may as well use it to do some mad sh*t!

  5. Johnny

    There are shed loads of metro stations in Paris where you could do this, it’s really an underground Luas rather than a proper metro like in London that’s why they built the RER lines starting in the 60’s.
    We’re actually copying the mistake made by the French by favouring the Luas over a proper DART/Metro system.

  6. sheila

    It’s good to know it’s possible, if I ever miss the metro I can always run along to the next station.

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