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  1. Cark

    Saw one on the footpath near Richmond road last night too.
    If it’s just left there and they’ve no proof you took it off yourself what can they do? Nothing. NCPS are the plague. Every effort should be made to stick it to them.

    1. Cark

      They do but what good is that when you get back to your car and it’s already been removed by the Declamping fairies…?

  2. Liffey

    He should have just got a tube of super glue like the Parisiens did years back, in fact every Dublin person should be carrying a tube of super glue with them and pouring it into the lock of every clamp they see

    1. Bob

      Nope, there should be one person – nominate Conor Faughnan – follow them around with a silicone gun size tube of tech 7 and pump it into the locks, Then piss on them, for good measure, like…and then when the two boyos are standing staring at it scratching their ceanns, rub dog shite up under their door handles…

    2. cluster

      Now is probably not a good time for me to announce how well I think the clamping system has worked then, is it?

      1. funman

        While I do agree with you, there is something wonderfully subversive about that phote. Perhaps our friend ‘clampers outside’ has upped his game and taken a leaf out of the Youth Defense manualk! :-)

  3. martco

    for private car park scenarios (at least seems in the UK) it’s possible to remove the clamp legally by using “the clamp fell off unfortunately when I was repairing my wheel…..” method


    you can also pick the lock (not as James Bond as it sounds, you can buy a kits on ebay and practice) plenty of vids on youtube for that method also and somehow I know I would get even greater satisfaction from doing it that way

    1. Ride This Pony

      There’s always one!

      Private clamping companies screw people everyday, if you had a dying child in your car they wouldn’t remove it!


    2. martco

      which is all fine and well Mrs Stapleton except that clampers don’t always act within the law!

      there are many scenarios that don’t meet your simple statement unfortunately……many many cases where the private firms whom clamp and fine are operating in opportunistic and extortionate ways….I’ve personally removed clamps (per the above spanner method) twice in “private” carparks. I’ve also been to the courts 3 times for refusal to pay parking bay scenarios, represented myself and so far I’m 3-0 up….
      – getting ticket whilst delivering meals on wheels to elderly (I shit you not)
      – getting ticket inside the 15 minute grace period
      – fixing a flat….outside my own house!!!
      some of the employees of these private operators are ok, a lot are not and pursue their companies objectives zealously…they ARE quota driven and therefore some will try to clamp/fine everything in sight and implement tactics to that agenda probably assuming that people generally will give in and pay.

      btw. say hello to Frank for me, one of my favourite strikers of all time and I have his autograph

  4. me again

    If it was on leeson st then surely it wasnt a private clamping company (who are an awful shower)?

    if you block up a road as busy as leeson st you deseve the fine

  5. Stiegl

    As far as I’ve been informed, you can remove it by breaking the link that connects the chain to the front plate, just hit the weld with a crowbar or hammer. Where the law comes in on this is that you can’t damage, wreck, steal, dispose of their property, so you need to simply lock it with a cheap pound-shop lock to the nearest lampost and say it fell off. You then give them a call and tell them where to find it and stick the key in the post.

    Apparently, and I’m not an expert on this, but nobody has the “right” to block your movement, except perhaps the Gardai. Whereas a fine is inconvenient, a clamp actually blocks your movement so you are in your right to regain your ability to move as long as you don’t cause criminal damage to their property, i.e. the clamp.

    1. funman

      That makes absolutely no sense. Break the weld with a hammer, yet you are not causing criminal damage? And how does buying a padlock repair a cracked weld?
      Please tell me you are not a safety inspector for an airline…

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