The Name’s Bound


A trailer for Bound, starring Paul Dodd, Patrick Malloy.and Morgan Jones.

A short film by self-taught 23-year-old filmmaker Gerard Walsh, which gets its first screening next week and thence to the festivals.


Bound By Gerard Walsh (Facebook)

14 thoughts on “The Name’s Bound

  1. missred

    Looks great. Not to be confused with the racy lesbian-assassin film of the same name from a few years ago

      1. Aidan

        You’d be surprised, The Avengers had to change its title because of the shoddy TV adaptation. Bound was made by the Wachowskis, it’s not exactly an unknown quantity. If this gets picked up it could well face a name change.

        Looks very decent, although i’d like to see a trailer with a bit more content.

  2. SunnyDee

    or to be confused with the brilliant play by Del Masterson :)
    Well done Gerard looking forward to the premier …

  3. Gerard Walsh

    Thanks for the comments on tge trailer people, the trailer was made specifically to give away as little of the story as it can. All the trailer should tell you (which I hope it does) is that a boxer is asked to do something dodgy. The rest of the story is is in the film. But having people talking about the trailer is really great do thank you.

    Especially as this film was made with no budget or backing from anyonne and shot and edited in 3 days.

    Again thank you for the comments they are very helpful.

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