100 thoughts on “Anything Good In The Evening Herald?

  1. Rod

    thank god for red circles, we would completely have missed the story otherwise, now where’s that damned pig?

  2. Wahey

    People really aren’t concerned that people(if you could call them that) like this are living among us? What sort of freak gets a kick out of doing that to an animal?

    1. greypalm

      They have always lived among us and we call them psychopaths. Some torture and kill animals for fun and curiosity. Sometimes they evolve into serial killers. They don’t think and feel like normal people do.

        1. Bangalore

          Does it matter much. Animals are killed daily so people can have food and that’s not counting the suffering they go through in life in preparation for your dinner plate. But ‘show’ it to someone and suddenly there’s outrage

          1. Lan

            No…just no.
            Pigs don’t have their heads chopped off with a hatchet while screaming with fear. First they are stunned with electricity through the temples so they aren’t conscious. They are then killed by rapid blood loss so there is not chance of them coming round.
            You can argue about the morality of killing animals for food all you want but this would have been an excessively cruel death and neither would it have been hygienic nor sanitary and reeks of sadistic tendencies

          2. Bejayziz

            Get a grip Lan…what would you feel if you seen a pride of lions tearing apart a water buffalo while it was still alive, we’re an apex predator and all meat is killed before eating….i disagree with any animal cruelty in terms of caging them up or torturing them but killing a pig when your ready to eat it is fine, i dont see the evidence that it was tortured in any way, it could have just been screaming as it was tied down, slitting a pigs throat is a humane method!

          3. Lan

            Ha, someone accusing me of being squeamish of the realities of slaughter. You ever been in a slaughterhouse? I have. And I’ve sent animals there when it was time. If you’re going to kill something though at least it deserves a quick clean death. This was neither. I never suggested torture, what I suggested was it was sadistic not to just pay for it be killed in a proper fashion in an approved abattoir when the animal can be properly restrained and knocked out, not on a wood block with a hatchet

          4. Lan

            Oh and fwi, if it was the hatchet pictured use, no way in hell would it decapitated that pig in one chop, meaning that either it was slit fully conscious or it took 2/3 chops while the pig was in excruciating pain

          5. Bejayziz

            I’d imagine (hope) the hatchet was for after it was dead, i’d hope he used a blade for the actual killing as it would be horrible and slow if he was hacking away with a wood hatchet…its possible to give it a quick and clean death with a blade/knife and i it was given one, if anything because the meat would have less lactic acid in it

          6. Nigel

            It actually kinda does matter. A lot. There’s a weird and slightly unsettling quality to this kind of moral relativism.

          7. DAN

            @Bejayziz Weird nonsensical interpretation, humans aren’t predators, and the lion hunting analogy is ridiculous, lions aren’t allowed roam around free if/when capable of attacking humans, predators which endanger human lives get put down. If whoever did this did it for some reason comparable to lions hunting, they shouldn’t be allowed roam around free either.

      1. Lan

        The BIG difference is the manor in which it was carried out. This was incredibly cruel way to go about it

        1. ABM's Bloodied Underwear.

          The same excuse given above by Bejayziz was also used by some utter scum defending the hosting of a video of a cat being set alight “for a laugh”.

          You’re in good company there.

          1. ABM's Bloodied Underwear.

            Not at all.
            I think your comment on the difference between a sanitized, quick and as needlessly painful as possible death compared to simply taking an axe to a terrified animal is bang on.

            The fact that Bejayziz can’t see this ( – does it matter whether the trained butcher or not?) is utterly depressing and the “company he keeps” comment is in reference to the similarity between his justification for using the axe method and the justification used by other people hosting videos of cats being set alight.

            ie – we kill animals to eat them so the means of killing, even if that death is unnecessarily cruel and sadistic, is irrelevant.

          2. ABM's Bloodied Underwear.

            I don’t think the ” as needlessly painful as possible death” came out right.

            As painless as possible would have been better.

    1. ABM's Bloodied Underwear.

      Pigs don’t have their heads chopped off with a hatchet while screaming with fear. First they are stunned with electricity through the temples so they aren’t conscious. They are then killed by rapid blood loss so there is not chance of them coming round.
      You can argue about the morality of killing animals for food all you want but this would have been an excessively cruel death and neither would it have been hygienic nor sanitary and reeks of sadistic tendencies
      – Lan

  3. B Bop

    FFS sake Broadsheet – I thought you were always sympathetic to animals & a supporter of the DSPCA.
    This is shocking & inhumanely cruel & disgusted at fellow Broadsheeter’s comments.
    That poor animal to suffer like that.
    Another low point in this country’s tolerance for despicable animal cruelty.

    1. Small Wonder

      How is this different to what goes on in a slaughterhouse? If this pig was raised in a garden, instead of a crate, then he’s had a better lot than the majority of his cousins on the fridge shelf.

      1. deliverusfromevil

        …with a note to the hysterical commenters… pigs squeel, and they sound horrendous, but they’re much tastier dead.

      2. Lan

        Why would a home reared pig not be killed in a slaughterhouse? With all the immobilizers and practices to limit the pigs fear used in a slaughter process not just grab it and chop it’s head off while fully conscious?

    2. Wahey

      Hear you BBop. Because it’s an animal people are happy to eat they don’t seem to mind it being tortured first.

      1. Drogg

        how do you know it was tortured and not just killed outright. you seem to have a lot of first hand info on this

        1. B Bop

          Are you capable of reading the report & forming the correct opinion?
          Axe – hacking off slowly – not cut & bled out – animal in pain & suffering.
          Truly disgusted & disappointed at the vast majority of commentators on this awful post.
          This animal suffered…and you just joke.
          Animals have absolute feelings & emotions. It is widely recognised all cattle/pigs for slaughter suffer fear.

        2. Nigel

          The very uncertainty highlights the inappropriateness of slaughtering animals in suburban back gardens.

    1. B Bop

      It obviously was in agonising pain…this is an incredibly upsetting story -I can’t believe the heartless comments.
      Yes of course animals are killed for meat but the vast majority are in a somewhat quick & more humane capacity.

          1. Clampers Outside!

            What… the one written by The Herald…. are ya mad? What would be the point of reading the Herald’s spin on the reason they stuck a picture that they hoped would cause outrage on the front of their paper in order to increase sales? What, why?

            Is there another report?

        1. Nigel

          Yeah, they could have gently and lovingly and painlessly hacked its head off with a small hatchet, as opposed to savagely and brutally and at great length.

        1. cousinjack

          If they were slaughtering it properly, which by the lack of blood in the photo they were, the pig would need to be stuck first to bleed it out (see 1950s photos link in the OP)
          It is not until quite recent, 1980s, that pigs were not stun in slaughter house, and were simply racked up and had their throats slit. Blood drains more efficiently from unstunned livestock.


          1. deliverusfromevil

            …. it’s a rural expression (around here at least) “to squeel like a stuck pig”. They make an awful racket. Cattle not so much – but I’ve only seen the humane-killer used which is instant, not the Halal method . Turkeys make that adorable gobbledy-gobbledy sound, chickens are just smelly. I haven’t seen sheep or lambs being killed.
            Tl;dr pigs are loud. Other animals, not.

          2. Lan

            Your ignorance is showing CousinJack. It is illegal in Ireland to kill a pig without stunning, also any evidence of the claim that unstunned drain faster? The heart pumps the blood out not brain. By sticking the artery rather than sliting the throat or in this case chopping it’s head off the heart pumps it out much faster that and stunned it can be strung up, this was not

          3. cousinjack

            @lan, read what I wrote, up until the 1980s it was common, (stunning was made madatory under EU directive, not due to the humane nature of the irish abattoir)
            unstunned vs stunned blood lose rates could be hearsay, I don’t have any scientific reference to confirm

            How do we know it was strung and drained, and the head removed post mortem?

          4. Lan

            Sorry your right CousinJack, misread apologies.
            It’s possible fear would increase pumping heart but if stuck properly should be little difference. Fear would also lead to higher levels of ATP=lower quality of meat (browning)
            Seemingly the report says that head was taken off to kill it. If it wasn’t, without proper electricity stunning equipment, stunning other ways could be as bad (hammer etc). If not stunned no chance could they got it hung without terrifying pig even more before sticking

        2. Nigel

          You’re not. You’re farmers and cultivators who practice agriculture and animal husbandry. You might be top of the food chain, but you’re not cool.

  4. Bejayziz

    It’s generally common practice to kill the pig before cooking it, dont see the problem here, lethal injection and the electric chair are not really that practical!

  5. Benn

    If there’s no gang-related news to report on I guess this is the next best thing for the Evening Herald. It’s not exactly a stabbing but it has a sharp object in it so it at least partly qualifies.

    As grisly as this is though, where do people think meat comes from? I know the Herald’s readership is relatively sheltered Dubs but surely even they know what a slaughterhouse is.

    1. Nigel

      Most people who give these things any thought probably know about the notion of husbandry and the idea that we treat the beasts that provide our food humanely and with respect for its needs and comforts, and that when the time comes it is as quick and painless as possible and it isn’t left to lie around and rot and go to waste. It really doesn’t seem that complicated and I find it difficult to understand why anyone would need to ask that question.

          1. Nigel

            Yes, if done properly. Is that what happened here? Even done properly, I can’t see a suburban back garden as being an appropriate place to do it. For all sorts of reasons.

  6. Rep

    The comments are amusing because if some one had done the same to a puppy, everyone would be all up in arms. But its only a pig so who cares, eh? Sure pigs are treated awfully on farms so what does it matter if one is treated awfully in someone’s back garden?

        1. Drogg

          yes but pigs are a farmed animal and in the human conciseness they are food so we easily dehumanize them. But dogs and cats are generally pets so seen as more sentient beings so harm to them is more upsetting. But this is what it takes to be top of the food chain

    1. Parp

      If they has raised the puppy for food and were planning to eat it then I wouldn’t see any problem.

  7. ryansson

    I hope that some of the commentators here are trolls. Otherwise this action has attracted the same kind of boderline psychos as the person who committed this heinous act.

    If you live in this neighborhood, lock your doors.

  8. Pauly

    Hardly front page news though is it…’Pig Killed With Wrong Tool’

    Whilst cruel not to kill the beast as quickly as possible, I’d say one chop could’ve easily done it. As for the squealing, don’t they all squeal in fear on the slaughter house line as they smell fresh blood?

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