Are You In A Relationship?


You may want to read this.

Carol Ballantine writes:

In the course of my work (honest!) I came upon this infographic that breaks down the leading causes of disease and disability globally.
You can filter by region, by sex, by age, by risk factor/ cause of disease…You could lose a whole day in there.
I learned, for example, that the number one cause of death in Central and Tropical Latin America (I think tropical means Colombia and Venezuela, basically) is “interpersonal violence”. More people are killed by other people than any other way. Meanwhile, the fifth greatest risk of death for women my age in Western Europe is intimate partner violence. Enjoy!


Deaths Leading Causes And Risks Globally (Institute For Health, Metrics and Evaluation)

9 thoughts on “Are You In A Relationship?

  1. Seamus Ryan

    Anyone want to form a foundation to combat the scourge of lower back pain? Two or three people would do. There’s plenty of funding from the people in North America to fund the odd foundation as long as we say loudly that we’re not religiously motivated. This evil lower back pain has to be stopped.

  2. Milk Teeth

    Im pretty ill; getting the bus to the doctor in about half an hour. As a road traffic accident is the second most likely way I’m going to die is it safer to stay at home? Doesn’t say anything about the risk of coughing up blood on there at all…

  3. Jack

    The interpersonal violence one for Western Europe is kind of fascinating. It’s more or less on par for the two gender categories. Except there’s a big jump where it goes drops down for males age 10-14. And then there’s a second one where it drops down for females age 30-39.

    I dunno what any of it means, but the graphics are fun to play with.

  4. Clampers Outside!

    “More people are killed by other people than any other way”

    …but it’s still a real pain in the bum when the baboons take up their weapons and attack humans.

    Someone…. Arm the chipmunks!!

  5. woesinger

    If you want to be really depressed, look at the leading risk of death in 2010 for females aged 15- 19, 20-24, 25-29.

    And then compare with males the same ages.

    1. CBJaysis

      This graphic actually breaks down the leading global causes of disease and disability as well, and not just risk of death. So I suspect it could be a bit skewed in terms of how you are reading it.
      Not sure this will be enough to lift the spirits much.

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