How To Make A Decent Irish Website For Less Than €2.5 Million


EmigrationIsle. com

Interactive, easy on the eye and inexpensively tracking the Irish diaspora through the ages like a beautifully-attired boss.

Fair play though in fairness.

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Thanks Davey Mills


10 thoughts on “How To Make A Decent Irish Website For Less Than €2.5 Million

    1. DaithiF

      I’m the same, it can be a little tiresome. It’s fine when the criticism is angled deservedly, but it just grows exponentially and gathers (no pun intended) moss to turn into one giant whinge that I hope foreign investors don’t hear across the Atlantic.

      That said, the website above is brilliant, I think. It’s done by DIT students and they’re using it for their Masters thesis.

    2. dw

      “As an emigrant”, you have the choice not to listen.
      We have to live here and deal with all the shenanigans that happen.

  1. boba fettucine

    First thing I clicked on, Anne Carey’s story: apparently she emigrated in 1975 from West Belfast but was born in Ballinrobe in 1873 (hover over the soother on Anne’s page).

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