30 thoughts on “Ma, She Wants Me To Kill You

  1. escobar

    ”It was good I was a mother early so I couldn’t be f****d up myself.”
    Ah now you’re a little f$%ked Sinead.. let’s not kid ourselves here.

  2. Hank

    Please please, won’t the media leave me alone.
    Please, sob.
    Oh, wait – it’s gone very quiet. It’s almost as though, shudder, nobody’s listening..

    Come to think of it, I haven’t been in the papers for a while.

    Hmmm.. now what can I come up with? I already revealed how I like to take it up the @rse and that worked nicely. And I appealed for a husband via Twitter. That was a good one too..

    Hmmm, running out of ideas though.
    Aha, dead mothers. Nice and controversial. Yeah, that should do.

    Now why won’t they leave me alone – I reaaaally hate the media. Why must they harass me so…

  3. onthenickel

    “Here, I’m over here! Hi! Look at me! Hi, over here! Hello!???? I demand attention! GIVE ME SOME ATTENTION.

  4. Cobweb

    I hope her comments don’t affect her children’s chances of attracting a partner while she is alive!

  5. Father Filth

    My Mum knew Sinead O’Connor’s Mum. Not nearly as bad as some folk would have you believe.. *cough*

    1. Huzzar

      Would you believe it, sometimes people who are abusive in private can be ultra charming. Hence the saying ‘street angel, house devil’. Do you think Sinead O’C made all that stuff up?

      1. Father Filth

        You have no idea of the social context in which my Mum knew her.

        Some people need to mature a bit and let ’emotional baggage’ fall away from them..

  6. escobar

    She’s going to London. She heard the words ”would you ever f$%k off” so many times that she is finally f$5king off.



    The 46-year-old singer also said that her children are a “stabilising influence” on her and helped her to curb her hard-partying ways.

    I would have thought a good mother/father would be a stabilising influence on children rather than the other way round. Sounds like the mammy is being raised by the kids.

  8. martco

    god remember how she was in my “Top 10” never any worse than @ number 5….ah I could swim in those chocolate eyes forever! come to think of it now she’s still in there…mad head or not

  9. Buzz

    London might be more interesting socially but at least you can breathe here. The pollution won’t agree with her.

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