9 thoughts on “Shut. UP.

  1. boba fettucine



    But seriously. Its a shame they couldn’t so something like this for the good graffiti – e.g. the Cowen/Lenihan Blues Brothers one, or the Polithicks one – both at the same place on Mount Pleasant Avenue, both painted over.

    They seems to be unable to distinguish between the art and the graffiti, they clean off the art and then put plaques up by the rubbish. I know they’re trying to be witty and insightful, but it just comes across as a glib waste of money. I wonder how much the advertising agencycharged them for this idea?

  2. Walls

    Did anyone ever see the art pieces/graffiti near Castleforbes Road? It was visible from the Luas and it showed three males walking along. Will see if I can get photos to submit…

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