Or should we say ‘au revoir’?


Goodbye it is so.

IRFU Announce Sexton To Leave Leinster (

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      1. Odockatee

        They should totes retire the number 10 jersey now. It just wouldnt seem right someone else wearing it

  1. John

    While I like rugby, I can’t understand the appeal of cheering on a local or provincial team with players who are bought in from out foreign.

    What are you cheering for then?

    1. Nidge The Dealer

      The majority of the Leinster squad are from the province of Leinster. It’s not premiere league soccer.

        1. Oldmanfitz

          I know mate, i was being sarcastic.

          I was making the point that it doesn’t really matter where they are from, if they play for your team its probably because they want to.

          Munster fans cheer on Dougie Howlett and Ulster fans cheer on John Afoa etc

          Anthony Pilkington, Paul Green, Kevin Foley Sean St Ledger are all born outside Ireland, yet want to play for Ireland.
          i cheer them on when they represent my country.

          1. Nidge The Dealer

            John, you’re not getting much right here. Why do you think that players like, say, Brian O’Driscoll stayed at Leinster for their entire careers instead of taking four times the salary in France?

    2. Sydney Topsy

      It’s the same for every prefessional sport. Soccer, Rugby, American Football, Cricket, even Aussie rules.

      1. Mungo Corky

        Blood and soil is it? What about turf and water like? Or Gas. We’ve rakes of that too. Isn’t that Oirish enough for ye up in Keilys. HAaah??

    1. D

      Well given about 1/4 of the population will watch the six nations games you’re saying there’s an awful lot of meat heads in Ireland.

      1. figleaf

        ‘there’s an awful lot of meat heads in Ireland’
        you got that right, just found a pig’s head thrown over my garden fence.

    2. edalicious

      Yeah, who could possibly care about one of the few sports that Ireland performs well in at an international level?

    3. rotide

      “Nobody gives a damn about rugby…”

      There’s being wrong, and then there’s being just ignorant.

      1. illuminati16

        its participation numbers are pretty pathetic judging by the census, not really shook that w.a.s.p reputation that has held it back from becoming mainstream imo

  2. Dave

    And yet here you still are. Amazing.

    Best of luck to him, after three Heineken Cup wins, he owes us nothing. Still disappointed. Time for Madigan to step up.

  3. Tommy

    Madigan to become Ireland’s number 2. A serious player.

    Ps.. people who despise rugby beyond a basic disinterest usually have self esteem issues.

    1. MW7


      That is possibly the most ridiculous generalisation I’ve ever seen!

      P.S. I like rugby. No self esteem issues here….

      *crys in fetal position*

    2. John

      “Ps.. people who despise rugby beyond a basic disinterest usually have self esteem issues.”

      I think you mean people are disinterested in the game but don’t like the arrogant cocks with few brain cells who rely on their rugby club to validate themselves and get jobs because they can’t compete on the level with others.

      The amount of Dumbos in jobs because they suck off the breast that is their rugby club. They can’t make it on their own, on their own merits.

      1. GarPrivate

        Ah John, less of that now. I’m sure you can still take up rugby. Rugby clubs have teams to cater for all age-groups and levels. I bet you that as soon as you get on the pitch with the rest of the lads you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! And who knows, you might even get that promotion!

      2. The_Ghost_of_Barry_Fairbrother

        Yeh, only that culture doesn’t actually exist in any way — outside of your paranoid imagination.

        And that’s coming from someone who plays for a club.

        1. Tommy

          But the counter attitude exists as exhibited by John. This would come across as bitterness and aggression to people in their workplace and thus would become a self fulfilling prophecy of career stagnation. Of course they will still piss and moan and say they lost out on that promotion because they are not part of the rugby clique.

    1. munkifisht

      Damn right Clampers. As my old man told me when I was young, f**k the begrudgers. I’m a massive Leinster fan and he’s a huge loss. While some Munster fans would probably disagree, he is the best boot in the country and is a huge asset to the side, indeed it was his speech in the 2010 HCup final that was fingered by the rest of the squad as being the major motivator for that epic turnaround and comeback win. He’s been instrumental in getting us the three cups and there he should be leaving with nothing but thanks and gratitude from those at Leinster.

      1. boredwithbeingbored

        2011 Final surely?

        Tolouse beat Leinster in the semi-final that year (2010) and went on to win the final in Paris

  4. Advertising On Police Cars

    It makes sense as he does not qualify for the tax breaks that other members of the Irish squad get for playing their careeers out in ireland ( such as BOD etc) Sexton was late bloomer, he will get played to death over there with the cheese eating surrender monkeys.

    1. RW Pressprich

      so long as he finishes his career in Ireland he will qualify. And while he was a late bloomer, he’s made a nice few quid the last few years all the same.

    1. Tommy

      Madigan is the replacement. He is a serious young talent at 23. He knows how to make tries and how finish them.

          1. frillykeane

            Huh? I though t’was a Rugbee lad Ye were talking about. Mad Dog is a name for a cage fighting off piste no helmet wearing boyo who drinks pints of tequila n’ WKD

            Maddo surely

          2. frillykeane

            Here. Don’t you be worrying ’bout us a’tall

            pretty sure Cork can still manage two division one sides handy enough without shitty logos on our geansaís

            Don’t confuse us with Tip and the Blahs

    2. Tommy

      Further to this.


      Sextion – 3 tries in 899 mins
      Madigan – 6 tries in 999 mins

      Sexton – 1 try in 1121 mins
      Madigan – 8 tries in 1444 mins

      1. cormacjones

        So do you think Madigan is a better player than Sexton?
        Madigan scores more tries, a lot of them against weak Rabo teams, and Sexton is the much, much better overall player.

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