The Humble Pilgrim


Dublin airport, this morning.

Back from Davos.

Wayne O’Fathaigh writes:

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin on the 9:30am Swiss Air business class from Zurich. Rocking Ralph Lauren!! Good thing they don’t owe the state restitution…Oh and he was expressed through passport control.


But on whose dime?


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    1. ABM

      Business class offers the passenger flexibility; something ABM would need given his hectic schedule. BUSINESS CLASS IS NOT FIRST CLASS!! There’s a difference. Anyway, a bishop is entitled to a business class flight in keeping with the seniority of his position. Hierarchical organisations afford privileges to those higher up the hierarchy — egalitarianism holds no sway as far as the Church is concerned.

      Priests fly economy, unless there’s a pressing reason not to. I can assure you that ABM does not fly business class for vanity reasons — the man needs a break from his schedule, peace and quiet to do work, and space where he is not hassled to pray for so-and-so/bless medals/bless holy water/say Mass/etc.

      1. cluster

        “egalitarianism holds no sway as far as the Church is concerned”

        You can say that again. ‘Tis one of the many ways in which the Church diverges from the message of Christ.

        1. ABM

          Jesus was an authoritative figure of his time. Fitting, given that the Truth is not ascertained by consensus — it is divinely revealed. Egalitarianism is one of the modern world’s follies. It results in mediocrity, a tyranny of individualism and the denial of objective truth from our lives. Egalitarianism also leads people astray and causes emptiness inside the person which results from it’s nihilistic nature.

          And who are you to say what the True message of Christ is? You sound like one of Fr Tony Flannery’s merry followers.

          1. Kath

            Which is *exactly* why Yeshua chose to hang out with the working classes instead of the religious hierarchy of the time.

          2. cluster

            So you are making a direct equivalence between the son of God being given a hearing and clergymen living in luxury?

            Jesus to a rich young man:
            “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

            I can’t really see how Martin is following this.

          3. cluster

            While we are on the subject of divergence from the philosophical basis of the Church, does Martin really think that a Jesus who charged the moneylenders out of the Temple would be hob-nobbing with financiers in Davos?

        2. woesinger

          Diverges from the teachings of Christ?

          The guy who said his dad was a king?

          That guy?

          Pains me as it does to say this, but ABM is right – Christianity is not egalitarian. Never was. The whole thing is predicated on a jealous celestial autocrat who knows what you’re thinking, and can and will punish you for your thoughts and the insufficiency of your devotion to him.

          Where I differ from ABM is that I think that’d be a bad thing – were it actually true.

      2. Limey Tank

        i was so confused there for a minute, I thought you were referring to yourself in the third person.

        You were, weren’t you?

  1. savod

    I am no apologist for the Catholic Church nor am I a practicing Catholic, but is this not an invasion of this man’s privacy?

    1. Bazler

      I am going to have to agree with you on this one. I dont think any of us need to see people just going about their business.

      I would rather see a stolen bike or (cant believe I am saying this) a limerick from John Moynes.

    2. Karen

      It’s also an invasion of privacy to say publicly that homosexual acts between consenting adults is immoral.

    3. Paul2

      I think revealing the details of his flight and his passport control experience are an invasion of the man’s privacy. The photo probably is not, he is a public figure and has been photographed many times. For all we know he may have been given an upgrade, either way it’s none of my business.

      1. cluster

        Revealing his ‘passport control experience’ is most definitely not a violation of privacy.

        Why does he get a ‘expressed’ through passport control? Why doesn’t he get in line like anyone else? There is still a kow-towing to the Papists in this state.

        It isn’t like he has to wait long. Passport control are a joke in Ireland. Unless you are brown they don’t even pretend to do their job propoerly.

        1. Sido

          It should rightly be a matter of public concern

          If you are an Al- Quaida terrorist trying to bomb a plane, all you have to do is disguise yourself as an Archbishop. And presumably walk on with a bomb in your hand luggage.

        2. Paul2

          It’s tabloid nonsense, there is no public interest. The man probably got through passport control like we all do in Irish airports.

        3. Carmex

          > Why does he get a ‘expressed’ through passport control? Why doesn’t he get in line like anyone else? There is still a kow-towing to the Papists in this state.

          Oh get off your cross.

          You can pay for fast-track passport control. I’d imagine this is what he did.

      2. emily

        he’s perfectly entitled to fly business class – but regardless, who knows what class he’s actually flying on – i wouldn’t take some lad’s twitter remarks as proof. and who actually cares…

    1. SBY

      The need to be elsewhere to do god’s work trumps every f**king thing. Jesus took the donkey while others walked. At least that’s what I’d say if asked.

  2. lisa


    He’s just a guy at the airport.

    If he was pictured eating an irish breakfast would you complain he should be having porridge and water.

    This is not news

        1. Bangalore

          As far as I’m aware they didn’t organize the mass rape of Irish kids and obstruct gay rights and women’s right in Ireland, so they get a free pass.

          1. Blah

            Ah yes, because:
            1) The entire organisation raped children, so all of them warrant being beaten to a bloody pulp. Including the 90% of the organisation that had nothing to do with and are appalled by it. I really have it in for them.
            2) “Obstructing” gay rights through democratic means, even if you politely disagree with them, warrants you being beaten to a bloody pulp.
            3) “Obstructing” women’s rights through democratic means, even if you politely disagree with them, warrants you being beaten to a bloody pulp.

    1. cluster

      Captain Obvious explains it nicely below. The Church has still not paid up on the deal they reached to compensate victims of abuse in Church-run institutions.

      After that I have a list of grievances from forced adoptions, dodgy accommodations with the Nazis, strong support for other right-wing fascist movements, rigid class structures in a Church apparently devoted to a Brotherhood of man, opposition to the Mother & Child scheme, symphysiotomy, right back to the Papal Bull encouraging II to invade Ireland.

        1. cluster

          I actually like the Angelus, ‘specially now since it has been re-branded as a moment for reflection.

          1. Bangalore

            How can we reflect with that bloody bong going on. There’s plenty of other times to do it without some state mandated moment for it. Its hardly rebranded anyway, it says ‘Religious’ and the Angelus is actually a catholic thing. they just puts some kids drawing angels.

          2. cluster

            I get where you’re coming from. I like to think of it as a positive, now-secular hangover from more religious times, kind of like Christmas

  3. Wayne.F

    On his way back from State business in Davos!! Claims humility & asks for support from people to run his church & then flys on a€ 800 each way airline ticket??

      1. ABM

        No abuse victim is left wanting for money. All have been compensated or are at an advanced stage of the redress process. I challenge you to name one person who hasn’t received a cheque.

          1. ABM

            The various redress boards are either finished, or are nearing completion. There are however, a certain cohort of people who want to keep them spinning indefinitely for various reasons. They will not let it go and refuse to draw a line with the past. These people will forever be bitter and need to be left behind. That said, we should never forget the horrors of institutional abuse.

        1. KeithFahey’s Moustache

          Eh the Irish Government ABM is pending a rather large cheque which various religious institutions are refusing.

        2. bisted

          … I know of one abuse victim who has tried several times to commit suicide ….so I assume there are many victims of clerical abusers who have taken their own lives.

          1. ABM

            Money is only part of the solution. Stumping the cost of private medical care is another aspect of recompense.

      1. KeithFahey’s Moustache

        I travel that route on a regular basis on Business class covering my own ticket so I took an average of my last 5 tickets.

        As for who paid for it or his rather nice designer clothes I have no idea.

    1. realPolithicks

      “These people will forever be bitter and need to be left behind. That said, we should never forget the horrors of institutional abuse.”

      Ah ABM, you’re a gas man. The “horrors of institutional abuse” is actually the one thing you want everyone to forget about. Methinks ye doth protest too much!

  4. Alan

    How more pathetic can Broadsheet get??? Why don’t you balance this up by covering the new bishop in Cloyne bashing the banks???. Nope???, didn’think so, and some people on here call the church hypocrits???

    1. cluster

      Oh wow, the Bishop of Cloyne, long after the horse has bolted, ‘bashes’ the banks. What a brave, moral visionary.

      1. Bangalore

        I mean imagine it? Imagine a private organisation that didn’t molest a load of kids lumping its debt onto taxpayers.

        The very thought.

      1. bisted

        …there should be a Dermot Morgan Memorial Fr Ted Qoute prize on here….awarded monthly….and I’d like to nominate whattheF as the first recipient. Also, a wipe round to send him to Davros to discuss ecumenical matters with media moguls .

  5. whattheF

    Religion is all about money anyway. Profits are repatriated back to the vatican from churches all around the world. They are all sorry now because their income is decreasing with the lowers numbers attending mass and the older god fearing generations going to meet their “maker”.

  6. Captain Obvious

    The catholic church can’t find the money to pay the victims of abuse and yet this man is flying business class and has Ralph Lauren luggage? Perfectly reasonable to post this as it illustrates the unashamed hypocrisy of the catholic church.

      1. Klarticus

        I Seen a junkie with a Louis Vuitton handbag last week , maybe those welfare cuts aren’t unwarranted

  7. Onion Sack

    That Broadsheet thought it worthy of publishing also says a lot………
    S**t stirrers / Curtain twitchers.

    1. Sido

      Errm no!. The question that needs to be asked is, what is a Roman Catholic Bishop doing at a meeting of political and business leaders. (It doesn’t say anything on the ticket about religious leaders).
      Hint – He may be seeking to influence people of importance.
      This has to be a legitimate cause of concern because the Roman Catholic Church is an absolutist institution that will interfere in the State legislature if can.

      1. Paul2

        Yet you have no problem with businessmen and bankers lobbying politicians at the same event. Davos is an ego trip for all concerned.

  8. Prada Meinhof

    What a nasty post. Invasion of privacy, snide, unwarranted. On who’s dime? Flight details? And the sneaky shitty quality of the photograph. Cowardly.

    And about one of the their few good guys too. Well done Broadsheet!

    F**king arseholes.

    1. cluster

      Cosmetically, he may be ‘one of their few good guys’ but that doesn’t mean all that much. It is the equivalent of being the skinniest person in fat camp.

      It is a relevant question. Who pays for all this? Do Irish church goers throwing a few quid into a basket on a Sunday realise it?

      Does the taxpayer realise that Archbishops get to skip the queue at passport control?

      1. Prada Meinhof

        I doubt you paid, so what’s your problem? So what if catholic mass goers paid?

        How about you asking who paid for Senator Zappone’s unvouched 20K in expenses? We did.

    2. Bangalore

      How is this guy a good guy? He’s only trying to save his corrupt bullsh*t organization. All he talks or cares about is saving the organization. Coming clean is only the tool he uses to achieve that, it is NOT because it is the right thing to do.

      A good man would not remain part of that organization. They would try and dismantle it.

  9. C Sharp

    You should just hire an airport correspondent and be done with it. Maybe follow it up with a Brown Thomas correspondent.

    What about sending the sh*t of those in fancy clothes to a lab and analyzing it for truffles?

    Let’s expose those spending money. The bastards.

    It’s like a Monty Python sketch round here sometimes.

  10. Lorna

    Interesting that it says DIE on the sign above his head. Wouldn’t fancy getting on that flight!! : )

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