Make-Up Protectors Of 1939


As featured in Nationaal Archief’s photostream, these plastic face-cones debuted in Montreal Canada were apparently designed to keep one’s maquillage intact during snowstorms.

They never took off.

God knows why. They’re utterly fabulous.


5 thoughts on “Make-Up Protectors Of 1939

  1. Nigel

    I thought it said ‘make-up protestors’ and hoped that this was some amazing avant garde effort at subversion of societal norms and conventional notions of female beauty. Maybe it was anyway.

      1. Nigel

        Maybe they SAID they were make up protectors but they were really masks to protect them from the plague they’d just released to kill all the men!
        ‘Oh look! They’re writhing in agony!’
        ‘Most satisfactory. Suck it, Ralph Lauren.’

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