Well, This Is Unnerving


“DARPA developed the 1.8 gigapixel camera so it can record at 20,000 feet, from the Hummingbird UAV, scanning 25 square miles of ground in one shot. The detail is scary, with objects as small as six inches picked up. And it’s all done using the equivalent of 368 image sensors like that found in your mobile phone”.

And this is just phase one. Coming soon: the ‘ultimate home’ for ARGUS – the Solar Eagle UAV – capable of staying in the air for years at a time, transferring 600GB of data per second.

Watch the skies.


(Thanks Aaron McAllorum)

40 thoughts on “Well, This Is Unnerving

        1. Jay

          Its satellite. Just have to see the footprint of each squares to tell that the pics are from geo stationary satellite. In EU its mostly Geoeye Satellites.

          1. smoothlikemurphys

            Zoom in further and you’ll see that the imprint changes. Not all imagery is supplied by Satellites.

      1. Am I Still on This Island

        If you are doing something in Public that you don’t want people to see you probably should not be doing it in the first place!

        1. woesinger

          Tell that to any dissident in any repressive regime ever (or a kettled protester in London or New York, for that matter).

          Also – what does “in public” mean when you’ve got persistent aerial surveillance?

          “Well sir, you knew that we had these drones, so why did you imagine that your back garden was a private space? If you’d wanted privacy, you should have put a roof up, eh?”

          And let’s not forget that while the things taking the pictures are robots, the people controlling them or not. They’re just as venal, stupid, greedy, pervy, and susceptible to abuses of power as anyone else.

          1. Continuity Jay-Z

            Yeah but over bowsie hotspots the ARGUS system would be invaluable. You could put it over a troubled housing estates and identify all the troublemakers. You could monitor them for months and develop better profiling on scummers who are a drain on society.

        2. Lehane

          @Am I Still on This Island

          That’s what we call classic circular logic. A conclusion derived from a premise based on the conclusion.

    1. Timmy

      This would be amazing. Not just for the security but for the traffic and for going outside and pulling a mooner for the world to see live!

  1. well

    If the had two e could make giant 3d image’s. This would also be great as some sort of real time Google street view

  2. Sgt. Bilko

    As I once heard someone comment on ‘1984’, “the only things Orwell didn’t properly predict were the year and Carlton Palmer getting capped by England”.

    1. Continuity Jay-Z

      Ahem… Carlton Palmer’s cap was alluded to in Animal Farm when Boxer was brought off to the Knacker’s Yard. I don’t think he was revisiting the topic.

    1. Jimb000

      the new one already has Sepia filter, you can see the lads stealing your car but not it looks ‘oldie worldie’

  3. Aidan Coughlan

    “We believe Burns still has the bill hidden somewhere in his house, but all we’ve ascertained from satellite photos is that it’s not on the roof.”

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