Classic Camping


Aido Peyto writes:

Show me where it says I can’t pitch a tent here? Taken this morning in the carpark of  [name removed] city centre apartments, Dublin 1

12 thoughts on “Classic Camping

    1. graven

      Yeah, I’ve seen that poor fella on occasion. Also spotted a lad camped out in a ground floor balcony/terrace off Bridgefoot St before christmas. Walked past at the weekend and he was still there. Sleeping bags, bits and bobs laid out. Sad.

      1. Mungo Corky

        He’s not that Black fella who shouts in the direction of the Kings inn bus stop by any chance?

  1. Will Egan

    As long as he is not blocking me in I won’t bother him/her. Security are as useful as a c**k flavoured lollypop anyway, doubt they have noticed.

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