Judge John O’Hagan.

Gentle on backstabbers.

A well-known Co Donegal publican who was stabbed in the back by a thug during a vicious attack looked visibly shaken after the thug was given 240 hours community service.

Knife Wielding Thug In Horrific Attack On Publican Given Community Service (DonegalDaily)

Nice closing line too.

Thanks DD

23 thoughts on “Judge Of The Day

    1. Humans Eh!

      He was a pompous prick when he was a barrister too.
      We have entrusted our whole country to f*cking arseholes.
      How is any respect for the state supposed to be instilled in our upcoming society when all that they see is incompetent fools snuffling in the trough running the show.

      All the discussion re: the Gardaí this past week when the real problems are on the rung above. The judiciary are merely a self perpetuating entity that bears no relation to protecting society or the dispensation of true justice.

      1. Mick

        The DPP. Are they the office who have hundreds of statements to Gardai of abuse filed away instead of being prosecuted? That DPP who won’t prosecute an elderly child abuser in Dublin who ruined the life of one person I know and maybe several others?

        1. jojo

          Yep thats him, you can be sure he’ll have you up if you dont pay for your TV license though.

          Think about this.

          Attempted murder: no Jail
          Not paying for state subsidised but privately ran and owned entertainment company: 6 months
          If RTE ever makes any profit does that money go back to the people who are forced to invest in it? or even to the state coffers?

  1. graven

    “In mitigation, defence barrister Peter Nolan said John Gibbons, who is now 26, had not come to Garda attention since the attack.”

    Oh, well that’s ok then. Jesus christ.

    1. PaulyD

      It’s not ok but there has to be an incentive to stay out of trouble. Just as there has to be an incentive to plead guilty.

      1. Hank

        Yes, unbeknownst to yourself, you’re absolutely right.
        And the only incentive that will work is harsh sentences for crimes of unprovoked assault.
        240 hours my @rse

  2. Clampers Outside!

    “240 hours community service” for what really is an attempted murder – intentional or not – is good reason to say that another judge living his/her privileged life have no clue about real world people and their situations….

    What the good god f**k is going on?!!

  3. Bangalore

    There is no room to lock people up. Spend a day in court and you see violent offender and thief get suspended sentences one after the other. We had the chance to do something about it in the boom years but inept politicians wasted the oppertunity along with countless millions

      1. Collywobble

        These judges should sentence the criminals to watching Les Mis., that would soon put a stop to the stabbing and the bread stealing.

  4. Mick

    Top rung are corrupt and undermine democracy.
    Middle rung are hard working and obey the law and pay all the tax.
    Bottom rung are corrupt and undermine democracy.

    1. Jimmy the Tar Man

      Spot on there Mick.

      Im on the minimum wage. And on the weekends I just love to rape and pillage.

  5. tiny

    I think it’s the failure to differentiate violent acts that’s disturbing. I’m no expert but people who are capable of one act of violence are probably capable of anything and the rest of us need to be protected from them. What happens the next time this guy encounters someone that upsets him?

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