Live Register Aid


Wherin literally dozens of McJobs are ‘pledged’ live on RTE during a 12-hour rock concert.

It gave the Irish economy what Live Aid gave to Africa.

Sweet f**k all. A sense of Hope.

And a bountiful line-up of Irish acts including the last ‘last’ performance by the Boomtown Rats.

Good(ish) times.

Boomtown Rats Reform For Isle of Wight Gig (BBC)

(Poster via Whyte’s)

11 thoughts on “Live Register Aid

  1. Bobby

    He said when you make a plan, you gotta put your best shot in. So, I heard him out and made a committment…..

      1. Bobby

        So I stayed at home all day, the powerhouse inside me, I’d sweep the floor, I’d set the clock and wait the impossible……well, My Friend John…..

  2. realPolithicks

    These days it seems like its back to “Banana Republic, Septic Isle, Screaming in the Suffering sea”…

  3. Marty

    I seem to remember Chris de Burgh, after getting free nationwide publicity, going in from of the cameras and pledging something like £50 to the fund. It mightn’t even have been as much as that.

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