Song From A Scanner


UK musician Sivu lay inside an MRI scanner at St Bart’s Hospital in London for almost three hours to record this unnerving but strangely hypnotic video for his single “better Man Than He’.

Who else’s tongue feels weird?


6 thoughts on “Song From A Scanner

  1. lolly

    aside from the fact that this is a boring track and I got bored after 30 seconds, is it not immoral to take up an MRI scanner for 3 hours in a publicly funded hospital given how many people are likely to be on waiting lists for such scans? (or is that just in Ireland)

    1. H

      I’m assuming he paid big bucks and used it outside of clinical hours on the understanding that he would vacate if it was needed.

    2. jody

      as soon as i saw this i wondered how long it was going to take for someone to chime-in with the standard “but what about the children?” type of comment. 17 minutes.

      I’m 1000% certain that the whole facility was locked-up while the video was recorded in the middle of the day, while scores of the ill perishing at the doors. All those people refused treatment in the name of music. There is no way that anyone involved in this production would have suggested using the facility say…. after hours

  2. H

    Having had two MRI scans I’m surprised that this works as they constantly bang on about the need to stay perfectly still to avoid blurring.

    .Also some of the images are from a CAT scanner, sorry, had to be said.

    1. munkifisht

      Being as I work in the Imaging Sciences Department in King’s College London, MRI, especially 2D MRI is getting to a point where live images can be acquired in live time. Imaging sciences in the UK is far beyond what’s going on in Ireland. Sorry, had to be said

      1. H

        Fair enough. The had to be said bit referred to my CAT scanner comment, are you saying that all images came from a new MRI scanner?

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