That’s Not A Fleg


This is a fleg.

King George IV passing by the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin – and a specially erected ‘triumphal arch’ – in 1821. in a painting by William Tuner de Londe.

It was the first visit to Ireland by an English monarch since the 14th century.

Older readers may recall our post on the temporary arch for Queen Victoria’s visit to Dublin in 1900.

Good times.

Via the Center for Modern Literature, Materialism and Aesthetics.

Thanks Sibling of Daedalus

29 thoughts on “That’s Not A Fleg

    1. funman

      God, wouldn’t you be rightly annoyed if you were in the cinema that day, with all that racket going on outside? Probably wouldn’t get your farthing back either.

  1. Rod

    would it not be easier to just print all the world flegs on a giant toilet roll (very apt in fact), and then nobody can get offended, apart from vegetarians who I am sure would find a way…

  2. Tony Gill

    Its very unusual to see the Union flag of the State to be combined with the Royal Standard of the monachy. Must be an early form of photoshop!!!

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    Isn’t this Hugh Laurie’s character from Blackadder?
    Hope he brought the cúpla focal for the visit.

  4. Bosco

    I don’t remember that painting in my Irish History propa..em book…hasn’t Dublin done great from independence.

      1. Rod

        hey why not add a few more items to your totally biased list:

        number of asteroids = 0
        number of serious earthquakes = 0
        number of times England invented potato blight = 0
        number of posts on Broadsheet blaming the English for the above = 100000000000000

        1. Captain Obvious

          “I don’t remember that painting in my Irish History propa..em book…hasn’t Dublin done great from independence.” …
          Eh it’s a painting*, it’s meant to paint the whole thing in a positive light!…
          *Dramatisation…actual scene may not have occurred …

  5. thomas02

    when 2 million people die of starvation in your country that generally taken as sign you’re not doing a very good job of running the place

    1. Sminkypinky

      And when thousands have emigrated every year since independence (with the exception of the ‘Tiger’ years) it also indicates that every government since 1922 hasn’t done a good job of running the place

  6. CMC

    There’s another painting of the same scene by Joseph Patrick Haverty but reasons I haven’t been able to ascertain the archway depicted by him differs a lot from Turner de Londe’s.

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