This Was Barney On Monday


After slipping down a steep bank into water near the Kylemore Road in South Dublin, Barney had been wandering in the stream for several hours.

UNTIL this dramatic rescue by the DSPCA and fire officers from Dolphin’s Barn.

Barney was suffering from hypothermia and it was feared he wouldn’t make it.


Barney this morning munching on hay.

Says an officer:

Barney is in the DSPCA rehabilitation stables receiving care and treatment after his ordeal and we will be looking for a new home for him in the near future.


Dublin SPCA

89 thoughts on “This Was Barney On Monday

    1. Jimbo

      Great contribution there Emily. Execute the skanger children who own horses across council estates in Dublin.

      Always creeps me out when people become so aggressive about the mistreatment of animals, and yet they probably have nommed/worn/applied beauty products which have all probably contributed untold misery to poor little fluffy animal’s lives.

      1. Ace Rothstein

        Reminds me of vegans who wont eat dairy or honey, but couldn’t care less about immigrant vegetable pickers working for slave wages.

        1. Tristan

          Concern for the welfare people and animals are not mutually exclusive.

          The treatment of animals by large swathes of Irish society (mainly the lower orders it has to be said) is of great concern to me. It does not mean I am not equally concerned abou the child-abuse I witness every day by in Dublin by feckless adults towards their young off-spring. Both are equally repulsive.

          1. herself.there

            Who exactly are the “lower orders”? I’m guessing from this high and mighty attitude you are talking about working class people. Are you for serious!! I love the way you project a disregard for animal welfare on working class people. Completely disregarding sports like fox and stag hunting. Ignoring hare coursing. The barbaric treatment of greyhounds in the race industry. Ignore factory farmed pigs and chickens and the social strata that those farmers and profiteers from that industry come from. Your absolute ignorance is astounding!!!

          2. Bangalore

            Lower orders my absolute hole!

            Have you seen the cast offs from the very lucrative dog racing industry? Or poultry and dairy industries?

            But anything that makes you feel superior

          3. Xiao Liu

            Yikes. On the bright side, this comment makes me feel a bit better about myself as a person. At least I’m only a snobby disparaging cow when rappers appear.

        1. Jimbo

          Feel like properly retorting, instead of your usual, short-burst, impotent criticisms?

          I’ll elucidate when you to, until then, feel free to keep shtum and bog off please.

          1. Bangalore

            On reading the rest of her replies to this under her other name ‘Tristan’ you are probably right.

            But the point is unless you know that the specific person you are talking about sources unethical make up etc bringing it up as a rebuttal is a strawman fallacy.

      2. Emily O' Callaghan

        In case you’re in too much of a rage to read the comment below,..Unimportant which class is doing it. Hate the idea of cruelty to animals and am conscious of where I get my ‘beauty products’. My obvious (I would have thought), purposefully extreme statement was meant to get the ball rolling, as if you need it! I would like to see tougher sentences applied to adult offenders, regardless of their background, more than I would to say, garlic smugglers. PS- don’t tend to eat beauty products, unless I’m really, really drunk.

        1. Jimbo

          No one seems to be in a rage except you, love.

          Backtracking doesn’t really add weight to the idea that you’re prone to well thought out ideas/statements.


          1. Emily O' Callaghan

            Backtracking? You mean referring to what is being discussed? Also, what’s your suggestion? Let me guess, do nothing for animals? Why don’t you volunteer at the DSPCA? ‘Boo-urns’ sounds like a well thought out, if a little dated, statement.

    2. James

      That’s an entirely rational and fair thing to say. Lets hang the children from that haulting site who were raised with an attitude of disregard towards an animals welfare. They should have sought out animal loving parents like yours, and been all proper and middle class about keeping a horse in stables and feeding it etc, not just treating it like a shopping trolley. How dare they! Burn them!

      1. Tristan

        OK, “lower orders” was the wrong description, but you get what I’m saying. You are most likely to see neglected animals wandering around certain areas of Dublin (and Limerick etc) than others. It’s simply the case. These areas tend to be populated by those less, how shall I put it so as not to offend your pc liberal values, “economically disadvantaged”.

        There is no simple solution but a combination of education and correctional measures would be a start.

        So, “himself there”, you can get down off your high horse and accept that my point was completely rational and valid.

        1. Bangalore

          No, I’m most likely to see breeds of dog with genetic disabilities bred into them in the middle classes. I’m most likely to see stag and fox hunting in the upper classes. I’m most likely to see the barbaric treatment of greyhounds in racing and hare coursing in the middle classes.

          You are a snob.

        2. B Bop

          Ah get off your moral Man of the People rant…there is & always has been a social structure…Tristan does make a valid point -the stats are weighted heavily in areas of poverty/disadvantage to animal cruelty. And yes it is across the social scale.
          The main point being however I think most of us would agree -animal cruelty & neglect is heartbreaking – there has to be tougher legislation to curb it.
          How anyone can let defenceless animals suffer so much is testament to their rottenness as a human & I truly hope they suffer on some level…karma being a just & fair thing!

          1. Bangalore

            What are these stats. I’ve worked with animal charities and the type of neglect may vary from area to area or ‘class/order’ whatever to order but it still exists across the board and directing it squarely at ‘lower orders’ in nonsense.

            “How anyone can let defenceless animals suffer so much is testament to their rottenness as a human”

            I could not agree more. But we should not be narrow in what we define as suffering. I would include a lot of the show breeds of dogs that have inherited disabilities due to inbreeding that cause life long health problems but will not feature on any ISPCA reports.

        3. Western Pig Dog

          I think “lower orders” is succinct and accurate given the context. Regardless, even if you didn’t utter it I’m quite sure the lads would have found something else on the computer to be offended about today. Chin up.

        4. Rob

          Talking out of your hole. I mean, you really think that the majority of this country’s mis-treated animals are found in working class housing estates? You’ve let your mask slip pal.

      1. Tristan

        Absolutely not – but I am strong believer in proper animal husbandry. I only buy meat from butchers where I can be sure of the provenance. Cattle and pigs must be reared in humane conditions and, as importantly – be killed humanely. This food chain is intrinsic to life and there is no contradiciton in both caring for animals and eating them.

        1. Bangalore

          “there is no contradiciton in both caring for animals and eating them.”

          Yeah there is actually. Its just you have performed mental gymnastics to make yourself feel superior to others. Prove me wrong by getting a puppy, raring it for two years and then kill it for food.

          1. Jimbo

            Typical irrational, twatty, argumentative tripe from you Bangalore.

            “if you don’t kill a puppy, then I win the prize!”

            That’s nice.

          2. Bangalore

            Is there something wrong with you? You say my argument is irrational yet you come out with strawmen arguments stuff like ‘bog off’ and ‘go back to boards’

            Yeah thats great contributions and not ‘twatty’ in the least. How about in your own words “properly retorting, instead of your usual, short-burst, impotent criticisms” and less behaving like a kid

          3. Nigel

            It’s not contradictory. It’s nuanced ethical thinking that rejects the utilitarian attitude that because we are going to eat it we can therefore treat it with neglect or cruelty and we have responsibility to care and protect it while it’s alive. And it’s been a standard of farming practise for thousands of years. I find the your utilitarian approach repellant and I can live with concerns that I’m performing some sort of mental gymnastics. We have agile brains. It’s okay to exercise them.

        2. cluster

          Almost all Irish pigs, including those sold in butcher shops, have been ‘raised’ in indoor factory farms.

          Not sure if there are any raised outside in ‘humane’ consitions.

    1. Am I Still on This Island

      But its their culture! How dare you. There is a site in the area sadly to many parts of Dublin are covered in rubbish

    2. herself.there

      Well no evidence in this piece to suggest that it is Travellers but the fact is that if Travellers could access land where they could legally keep horses then they could take measures to keep them safe and be able to look after them better. At the moment alot of horse grazing goes on in a kind of clandestine manner where horses are moved around waste pieces of ground and they often don’t have permission but they wont get it if they did seek it. Research in Cork indicated that young Travellers who keep horses are happier, have better mental health and are less likely to get into trouble. Its a positive pass time for young people and yes part of Traveller culture (queue onslaught of anti-Traveller rhetoric).
      I know society doesn’t want to do anything for Travellers but maybe people care enough about horses?

      1. Rob

        People seem to forget that if they had of been born into a Traveller family, then they would be just as likely to be unemployed, just as likely to have had a shite education and just as likely to get into trouble. They’re not aliens.

        1. Am I Still on This Island

          You are right they are not Aliens but they do tend to leave an awful mess behind them in terms of litter when they stop, they also have a habit of racing horses on main roads in Ireland, and keeping their dogs in less than ideal conditions.

    3. cluster

      It is about f***ing time that we accepted that travellers exist and accommodate them rather than pushing them to the fringes.

      There are other societies which have a proportion of nomads. We should be able to set up an education system, network of adequately serviced halting sites etc.

      For anyone who moans about the cost, there is a much higher burden on society dealing with the consequences of discrimination and a lack of education.

  1. Jeff Cheescake

    Lazy fireman is lazy.

    – Get into the water and help those youngfellas strap up the horsey.


  2. Jonjo

    Yup, there’s a halting site there. The amount of rubbish just dumped there and into the water too :-(

  3. gary mcnamara

    He’ll will be off next week (if no one homes him) to France for slaughter for meat, as has been the case for decades, he would stand a better chance with some of the youngsters around Dublin who actually do care for their horses.
    While there is mistreatment of animals in Dublin, some children do actually care for their horses, the horses should be sterilised though, to prevent both mistreatment in future and to drive up the price for the continentals….

      1. King of the Trees

        If anything he’s off to race in the Arc de Triumph under the make a wish foundation for horses.

  4. ZipAhDeeDooDah

    Seeing as how they won’t be getting their horsemeat from Poland anymore, there’s a crowd above in Monaghan who’d be only too happy to ‘look after’ Barney …

  5. Bosco

    Barney “slipped down the bank”…looks to all the world like Barney had had enough. Glad for the auld capall all the same.

  6. princewillys-gooleys

    all he’s missing is some cheese, ketchup and some warm toasty buns. mmmmmm horseburger.

  7. Emily O' Callaghan

    Unimportant which class is doing it. Hate the idea of cruelty to animals and am conscious of where I get my ‘beauty products’. My obvious (I would have thought), purposefully extreme statement was meant to get the ball rolling, as if you need it! I would like to see tougher sentences applied to offenders, regardless of their background, more than I would to say, garlic smugglers.

  8. Emily O' Callaghan

    Ah sure, it’s grand, in fairness. Do nothing about it. Leave the country in tatters. No go on, leave. You should be politicians. Most likely Fianna Fail* voters who now claim they never voted for them. Leave them off, sure. And be sure to criticise anyone who suggests we do anything about. This above all. * purposefully omitted fada

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Unreal amount of bitchin’ n’ bickerin’.
      And Barney the warhorse caught up in it all.

  9. Tristan

    Banglaore, stop trying to crow-bar your socialist politics into a good-news story about an animal saved from suffering. This single good news story also shines a spot-light on the countless other animals across the country being abused and neglected as I type this. With limited resources available, you focus those resources where they will have most effect – and this clearly is in socially deprived areas and at travellers. Of course all these people have a host of issues but that does not excuse them from living within the norms of a civilised society and adhering to the standards of care in that society. “I’m poor” or “We’re discriminated against” are not excuses against inhumane treatment of animals. There needs to be a zero-tolerance against animal abuse and these people held to account – otherwise the cycle continues.

  10. Mairead

    That place where they got that horse from has at least 30 other neglected horses…. Why are they not all been taken by the DSPCA? You should see the state of the place, I always go down to those horses, some are limping, some are missing patches of hair, some are completely filthy and the land they are on is covered in rubbish. Its an absolute disgrace….

  11. Emily O' Callaghan

    Funny how it was you guys who brought up the class issue. There was no suggestion on our part that those involved are ‘lower classes’ as YOU call them. Says a lot about your predjudices. Stop projecting them onto me.

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