This Week’s Award-Winning Le Cool Dublin Cover


Week 3.

Dublin freelance designer Neve Connolly’s hand-crafted confection was a unaninous decision.

Hand-crafted, you say?

Oh yes.

Sez Neve:

All the line work was done using black thread, which is something I’ve been playing around with lately. Once that was finished I used sewing needle to pierce little holes in the letters. I then mounted it onto a piece of glass and lit it from underneath. I wanted the ‘Le Cool’ to glow like the lights of a city seen when flying at night in an airplane, or hot air balloon, whichever air transport you prefer. The lines and pockets of colour depicting the energy/divilment created by people out and about, crossing paths, enjoying this great city. Le Cool at the heart of it all.


Le Cool Dublin (this week’s issue)

Neve’s interview:

10 thoughts on “This Week’s Award-Winning Le Cool Dublin Cover

  1. sos

    Is it my imagination or does the Le Cool Dublin Cover seem to be ‘award-winning’ every week?
    How frequent are these award ceremonies?

  2. Marguerite Lynch

    Really le cool :)
    I love these.
    Check out, galway, I am doing a Creative Machine Embroidery class on Sunday, it’s like contour drawing by sewing machine, it’s really cool too :)

    1. MW7

      +1 on the Really Le cool comment.

      This and last weeks were very good.

      Didn’t like the first one, but that’s personal taste.

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