Turn That Browne Upside Down


Part of a frightening new billboard campaign launched this morning by TV3.

It’s not a Photoshop challenge until you say so…

Ah here.

(Thanks DD, Annie West, Pedanto)

Entries by 12.30pm


Karl has made a Browne Frown meme generator available here.

34 thoughts on “Turn That Browne Upside Down

  1. Kieran

    Sometimes you have to work to make life hilariously entertaining.

    And sometimes the internet gives you gifts like this.

  2. Zuppy International

    Nobody more establishment than Vinnie B: Castleknock, UCD, RTÉ, Independent News and Media, The Irish Times, a barrister…

    He’s no rebel, he’s a pastiche.

    1. cluster

      Who says he is a rebel?

      We scorning someone now for attending university or doing the barrister training?

    2. cluster

      Politics is just a fashion exercise for you, Zuppy, a way of differentiating yourself from the sheeple. You believe it more important to have unsullied left wing credentials than to compromise and improve anything.

    3. Joe Duffy

      I don’t see why people are so keen to attack Vincent Browne. If any complaint, it would be that he’s a bit too anti-establishment. He’s an investigative journalist by trade. Comically dour demeanour aside; he has consistently highlighted corruption and institutional failure throughout his career. He’s about the only journalist to speak out against the Trioka.

      Time and time again, he’s highlighted instances where our representatives have been tactless when it comes to negotiation on our behalf. He’s shown that the political parties have little regard for democracy – under the whips system, democratically elected local representatives are forced to fall in line with the party dogma. Importantly, he’s highlighted inequality issues over the past years when most people are only concerned with their personal situation.

      With due respect, I’d be very surprised if you’ve accomplished anywhere what Vincent Browne has and the derogatory nature of the comment speaks for itself.

      Not trolling you but I don’t think Vincent Browne is deserving of such a comment.

      1. Brian Mathuna


        By times a little too cantankerous and won’t let the politician answer the damn question but a great journalist.

  3. Sheisthecatsmother

    Actually a very boring show tonight, except for John Bisset moping the floor with that odious reptile McGuirk

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