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James Comerford writes:

I know I know you dont normally do this, but i took a flight this morning to Heathrow on Aer Lingus and left my 30th Birthday present on board. A Google Nexus 7 Tablet. It has a huge amount of sentimental value due to who gave it to me. If anyone comes across it please leave your details. Flight EI154. Reward offered.

68 thoughts on “We Don’t Normally Do This

  1. Jonjo

    You might want to try contacting Aer Lingus. The airlines are usually good at holding things that people forgot.

    Oh, and how many people on here do you think would have been on that plane today?

    1. gurrier

      I was on that flight this morning!

      Sorry James – I didn’t see your Nexus, nor did I see anyone with one in hand. Hope you get it back

    1. The Vajazzler

      Weighing up the options, pandering to muppets in comment sections may actually be the way to go.

  2. db

    maybe it’s time to rename these posts as “We Actually Do This Quite A Bit Now, But Yeah, We Don’t Normally Do This”

  3. Undertow

    I’m sorry you lost it, but a ‘Google nexus 7 tablet’ can’t have sentimental value.It just can’t.

    1. Jesus

      Sentimental value to the person ‘who gave it to me’.

      It reads, omfg, my bf/gf is bpd and I lost their present.

      1. Scared Vagina

        DUE to who gave it to me. I.e. the person who gave it has sentimental value to the owner, thus so does the gift.

  4. Tommy

    Best of luck finding it but unless the thing was packed full of unretrievable photos then it has zero sentimental value. The sentiment was in receiving the gift and the device is entirely replaceable.

  5. Mickolikesmaps

    I think things should be old before you’re allowed call then sentimental. Hope you find it James

    1. Cobweb

      You can’t just go out and buy a new one……those Nexus tablets are only available on prescription for people with amnesia!

  6. James

    I have your nexus! I took it from the overhead bin getting off the plane, I thought it’d been left by someone on an earlier. What’s this about a reward?

  7. Gallant

    I saw a sentimental Nexus tablet walking past me on Dawson street about ten minutes ago.
    I remember thinking, that’s odd, that tablet was looking quite wistful and nostalgic, as if it was remembering better times.

    1. Androidious

      I feel bad for your man losing his nexus as i always lose stuff and know how annoying it is , but…. i did enjoy this comment :)

  8. LC

    I work for them and we always hand lost property to the ground handling agents, so try contacting lost property in terminal one of heathrow, or else call Aer Lingus customer services in dublin and see if they have a record of it..(and pray the aircraft cleaners are the honest type!)

  9. M

    To presume it doesn’t have sentimental value because it’s an electronic item is ignorant. The reasons behind his attachment to this are nobodies business.I hope it’s found x Good Luck

  10. HipsterKiller

    Oh I love this site, people adding really funny comments, trying to out do each other on how funny they really are..I want to be friends with these funny people..I really really really do..really :/
    God bless us all..but not hipsters..they go to hipster hell.

    James, hope you get your Nexus back..

  11. JIMMY J

    Maybe it does maybe it dose’nt have sentimental value to you,
    point is if it was that important to you you would have hung onto it pretty well, hence the lack of sympathy in replies, therefore the ‘sentimental’ part of your violin
    story appears faux.
    It was the thought that counted.

  12. Ciaran

    its not like it got stolen like many of the bikes on here or ran away like many of the pets..he left it on a plane for christ sakes. Surely all his data is backed up on the “Cloud” or whatnot anyways :/

  13. Kaymak

    Sentimental value! Unless you were on your way to the Unitarian church in London to get married to that tab I doubt sentimental value comes into play here.

    BTW, the wedding would be terrible but the (3g)reception would be fantastic!

    Cough Cough … I’ll get my coat

  14. Alma

    What is wrong with some of you? James I’m very sorry that you lost your Nexus. Just because it’s a technological item doesn’t mean it’s not sentimental. I’m going to assume that all of you commented on the “sentimental” comment have never lost anything.

    Have you tried Tweeting the following: @AerLingusCC Their official account @aerlingus isn’t that active.

  15. youkilledmyfatherpreparetodie

    I rather poetically lost my copy of The Book Thief on an Aer Lingus flight a while back.

  16. Father Filth

    Nexus Achilles Heel, impossible to keep track of them, unlike the iPad, through iTunes etc.

    I wonder can Google figure out where they are from the various serial numbers. The nexus also has a unique SSID identifier.

    I’m sure the big G knows where it is, *always*.

    I love my Nexus 7, saves me a fortune in leccy, laptop\desktop is off nearly all the time now.

  17. Ger Healy

    Broadsheet has turned into asshole central.
    To all the pea brained trolls having a laugh………..The guy lost an item of value, sentimental or otherwise, its none of your f***ing business.

    1. Bruce

      Then the guy goes to broadsheet to try to get it back, making it the entire internet’s business. How do people not understand this. ALL THIS IS HAPPENING ON THE INTERNET.

  18. Geraldine Healy

    If your item was handed in to Aer Lingus, then they will do their best to return it to you.
    Contact them directly – (not Airport Police) at Aer Lingus Customer Car/Services. They are obliged to hold onto lost property for 90 days.

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