Staring Contest. Go.


From tonight’s Paty Kenny-helmed Late Late Show.

Dude could be a young Herbert Lom.

Or a glum, conservative controversialist?


(Thanks Noel Curran, @theonlymrsoft)

20 thoughts on “Staring Contest. Go.

    1. whyioughta

      I would have said more like Will Self. But he also looks like another journalist whose names escapes me – Guardian I think.

  1. Gav

    Damn you Broadsheet!
    I find myself actively watching the audience shots from the LLS trying to find the next best “audience guy” :P

  2. BlogArab

    I know Richard. I couldn’t disagree any more with his politics but he’s a very decent guy and very good company.

    1. Dec12

      No one mentioned his politics. It’s his unwillingness to applauded that’s shocking. Total disregard for the ordinary decent citizen. Shame on him.

    1. Aoife Lynam

      Rob. I didn’t appreciate the flowers, I didn’t appreciate your standing outside my flat for two days, I didn’t appreciate the stupid tattoo that spelt my name wrong, and I don’t appreciate your following me from website to website. You’re not my boyfriend, and the next time you go shopping you should walk past the florist and locate some soap and a haircut that doesn’t make you look like Justin Bieber’s melted aunt.

        1. Aoife Lynam

          RealP, I have to slip away. I didn’t want to wake you.

          Thanks for a great night. Your “Dicky Wag-Horn” will never be forgotten.

  3. whyioughta

    I’d rather have a pint with him than all of the others in the audience. The rest of them could all be replaced by one couple to represent them. Stepford couples.

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