Can He Flick It?


Indeed and he can.

Simon Zebo’s jammy backheel flick leading to Cian Healy’s try against Wales in Cardiff this afternoon.

He’s from Cork.

We’ll literally never hear the end of it.

Final score: Wales 22, Ireland 30.

O’Driscoll Relief After Ireland Hold Off Wales fightback (BBC)



18 thoughts on “Can He Flick It?

  1. Karen

    Where is his father from?
    Please tell me it’s irrelevant or that I am a racist for asking a question.

  2. frillykeane

    What @Ciaran was trying to say

    .. was how well a failed Cork hurler can reach the standard required for International Rugbee

  3. IrishinSydney

    His Dad was a champion 800m runner for France – missed the Montreal Olympics with a broken leg!

  4. ReproBertie

    I’m surprised Cork people can show their faces round these parts after their humiliation at the hands of the Dubs last night.

    Zebo did well and answered a lot of critics but it was BO’D’s work that set up his try. We don’t realise how much we’ll miss him when he goes.

    1. Vic

      Yeah, a 6 point win by Dublin in an irrelevant competition will always be seen by supposed Dublin fans as “a drubbing”. Goes to show how little you Dubs are used to winning anything at all. (Fact. Number of All-Ireland Titles (Hurling & Football) achieved from 1887 to 2010—Cork 38/Dublin 28).Good for you, Zebo. You’re one of our own and we (and you, no doubt) are proud of that.

  5. ReproBertie

    @vic justify it all you like. It was just 6 points but it was the ease of the victory over the league champions that made it so sweet. Oh and by the way, football All Irelands – Dublin 23, Cork 7 (since it’s football we’re talking about).

    @frilly “nothing’s won yet” is the refrain of the loser. No trophies handed out yet but Cork would still rather have 2 points than 0. Of course the main prize is the bragging rights.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Zebo run a couple more in against England. With France losing to Italy England should be all that stands in the way of BO’D retiring with a second Grand Slam.

  6. Mick

    And they call soccer the beautiful game?

    The only games played in Ireland where you see that kind of style are rugby and hurling.

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