Sinn Fein members at a commemoration for the 100th Anniversary of the 1913 Lockout this afternoon at Jim Larkin’s statue on O’Connell Street, Dublin, including, from top: Ger O Leary; Janice Boylan and Santana Hernandez-Power; Aengus O Snodaigh TD ; Santana Hernandez-Power and Sean Crowe TD.

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(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

24 thoughts on “Claiming Jim

  1. SOMK

    Copy and pasted from lookleft magazine’s facebook page

    “Sinn Féin hypocrisy concerning unions revealed

    “This Ard fheis Congratulates SIPTU on its Fair Hotels campaign and calls on all Sinn Fein members and supporters to use Fair hotels where possible, we also call on all other trade unions in Ireland to advertise the names of shops/businesses that are Unionised so that people who would prefer to do their business with unionised staff can easily do so.” – motion passed at SF Ard Fheis 2011

    January 2013 – SF hold conference in non-union hotel in Dublin

    April 2013 – SF Ard Fheis to be held in Castlebar hotel also not listed as a Fair Hotel”

    Oh dear.

    1. Eliot Rosewater

      Nice one, SMOK. I can’t remember a time when SF *weren’t* going against their principles.

  2. jojo

    Why do republicans all have the same type of fat mouth/face, all dry and dull, nothing but misery and dreariness. I honestly think that’s what attracts people to this parties/groups, can you imagine the facist policies they’d impose on everyones lives should they get into power, prob 500% import tax on any ‘fordeign’ products to help keep the wurkin man in duberlin and pay for de chislers leather soled shoes

      1. gerrys30klasertherapist

        Just wanted to point out a couple of things to jojo and right winger ross…
        Quisling $inn £ein are NOT Republicans! They are Ultra Nationalists and administrators for a foreign and oppressive government.
        Would real republicans want to be a part of that? I certainly wouldn’t.
        As for a 500% tax on foreign goods, that is not something inherently fascist. It is a Protectionist policy though, something that most countries do at some point, even the great freedom and markets loving Americans. Do you remember the guy that was recently sent to jail for tax evasion on Chinese garlic? How much tax has Europe imposed on Chinese garlic? Sounds like protectionism to me. But to you it is fascism?
        As someone else pointed out earlier, you ARE a moron.

        1. jojo

          It is, it’s dictating how I should spend MY earnings.
          anyone who thinks such policy’s are done for the benefit of the people who reside in them IS a moron, its only subsidising a select few business owners, to keep their inefficient business ticking along.

          It ends in the people paying more for inferior products not my idea of an improved economy, more borderline oppressive

          1. gerrys30klasertherapist

            You know what moron? You have almost perfectly described our current banking fiasco. We, and I mean the whole nation and a couple of generations not yet born, ARE going to pay for an inferior banking/financial industry which in your own words is “not my idea of an improved economy, more borderline oppressive.”
            This is as you know the main policy of the 3 main political gombeen parties.
            Are they fascists do you think?
            And by the way, when someone puts 500% tax on a product or service you still have a Choice whether to buy it or not. Fascists don’t do choices. They simply implement their austerity on the masses.

          2. jojo

            Pretty retarded logic, how did you jump from import duty on products to banking debt, to be expected from a shinner, get upset about something and use it to oppose something else, good sensationalist politics there.

            why is it always the welfare class who are going on about how they and generations will be paying for the banking crisis considering most will probably never pay a days tax in their life or their council housed kids

  3. abaddon

    I get the impression a lot of people out there will be pretty pissed that the party that remembered this date was Sinn Féin.

    Look at the first two posts.

    1. jojo

      They only ones miserable enough to consider industrial action an event to celebrate,
      what’s next on our event list? oh right the dublin bus strike of 1987 wheres my black slacks

  4. Boredwithbeingbored

    @jojo if you’re going to slag people off for their accents implying that they’re a little bit thick, you should learn how to spell fascist.

  5. Jenny121

    down with Sinn Fein up with abortion… we need more abortion in this country and the right to choo choo choose to kill babies. The right to kill and murder for all!

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