7 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On Nassau Street

  1. Pete Zahut

    Wow, a Peugeot that actually runs long enough to burn. Immolation not imitation. Or was that Citröen?

  2. martco

    ewwww…bad news…could have been a couple of things but if petrol engine most likely a fault in the fuel line somewhere around the engine bay that allowed juice to find its way onto the exhaust manifold……hot manifold + petrol = guaranteed fire
    rare enough, either someone playing amateur mechanic at home or just very poorly maintained motor…either way no harm to keep a small fire extinguisher in the boot or under your passenger seat for such a moment…


    but you have to work quick otherwise all u can do is get out and walk away quickly and think about what car you’re gonna get next off the write-off money…that’s after the fire brigade have deducted their cut..aiai

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